Systematic Review Series


What factors affect sustained adoption of safe water, hygiene and sanitation technologies?

Drawing on a full systematic review, this systematic review summary, by Hulland et al., reviews the evidence on factors that motivate sustained adoption of WASH technologies.

Replication Paper Series


Fighting corruption does improve schooling: a replication study of a newspaper campaign in Uganda

Kuecken and Valfort confirm that the newspaper campaign reduced the capture of capitation grants and improved enrollment.

Impact Evaluation Report Series

What happens once the intervention ends? The medium-term impacts of a cash transfer programme in Malawi

This study by Baird et al evaluated the impacts of the Zomba cash transfer programme (ZCTP) in Malawi two years ...

Working Paper Series

Evaluations with impact: decision-focused impact evaluation as a practical policymaking tool

In this paper Shah et al argue that, in order to more effectively inform development action, impact evaluations must be ...