3ie at 10: Thank you for your support


Dear colleagues,

3ie marked its 10th year this week, and we would not have reached this important milestone without your continued support and encouragement. Looking back, we feel incredibly proud of all the collaborations and partnerships that have helped us to further our mission of achieving evidence-informed development. We will be celebrating with various events throughout the year. However, this week we would like to share our gratitude.

To our grantees: Thank you for your dedication to quality evidence production, excellence and expertise while working with us to determine what works, for whom, why and at what cost in reducing poverty and promoting sustainable and equitable development.

To our members: We truly believe that working together has made a significant contribution towards strengthening the culture of evaluation at a global level. Thank you.

To our board of commissioners, present and former: Thank you for your commitment, guidance and belief in 3ie’s mission and value.

To our donors, partners and friends in the evaluation community: Thank you for creating spaces where we can continually share with and learn from one another.

To our staff, present and former: Thank you for your hard work and commitment; you are both the engine and the soul of 3ie.

We very much look forward to continuing working with all of you to tackle the issues, sectors and regions where we still require more evidence about what works and for whom; to help build stronger M&E systems; and to promote evidence-informed actions that have real impact. 

Emmanuel Jimenez
Executive Director, 3ie

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