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Through its Member Webinar Series 3ie hosts quarterly online events focused on innovations, experiences, and “hot topics” of interest to policymakers and programme managers involved in commissioning and using evidence from impact evaluations, and impact evaluation syntheses in their work.

3ie launched the Member Webinar Series to support the increased demand for peer learning among 3ie members, a growing community of 45+ agencies who support or implement development interventions and are committed to the rigorous evaluation of development policies and programmes. 3ie members include public agencies based in low- and middle-income countries, bilateral and multilateral donors, private foundations and NGOs. The webinars provide a platform for members to share experiences, ask questions, and strengthen their community of practice.

3ie collaborates with staff of member agencies on the topics and structure of most of the webinars; occasionally 3ie may use the series to highlight important development discussions or debates or to promote a new 3ie product that can help members to better produce or consume evidence.

 The ‘live’ webinars typically open only to current staff of 3ie member agencies with occasional invited guests. The recorded webinars are publically available through 3ie’s website and YouTube channel. Watch this space.

Past webinars

Impact evaluation and its uses in impact bonds

3ie co-hosted its seventh member webinar with the City of Buenos Aires and with participation from Instiglio, a results-based financing advisory firm, in April 2018. The speakers provided a primer on impact bonds, results-based financing, and how impact evaluations can be used to inform their construction and evaluation. Siegrid Holler provided an overview of results-based financing, including a description of the various tools within this mechanism and highlighted an example of Instiglio's work on an employment program in Colombia. Jimena Muzio presented on the early stages of the City of Buenos Aires' experience of designing their impact bond on increasing youth employability.

Este seminario web proporcionó una introducción a los Bonos de Impacto, al Financiamiento Basado en Resultados y a cómo las evaluaciones de impacto pueden ser utilizadas en este campo. Presentamos la experiencia de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires en las primeras etapas de diseño de su Bono de Impacto para aumentar la empleabilidad de los jóvenes, así como la experiencia de Instiglio en el diseño del primer Bono de Impacto Social en Colombia.


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Labor Market Impact Evaluation Lab: Establishing a policy research engagement between the Millennium Challenge Corporation and the Kingdom of Morocco

3ie co-hosted its sixth member webinar with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in September 2017. Ryan Moore, director of evaluation, focused on the Labor Market Impact Evaluation Lab, a key initiative under the five-year MCC-funded grant called the Morocco Employability and Land Compact. The lab is expected to be launched in 2018 and will finance up to US$5 million towards rigorous impact evaluations, other rigorous empirical studies and policy-research engagements to build the capacity of the Moroccan government to commission and generate rigorous evidence. 3ie senior evaluation specialist, Mario Picon spoke about the experience of 3ie and other members engaged in similar policy-research engagements. This was followed by a brief interactive discussion on both presentations.


From assuring access to ensuring success: The story of the NSPA Maldives

​3ie co-hosted its fifth member webinar in February 2017 with the National Social Protection Agency (NSPA), Maldives. The webinar started with a presentation by 3ie Research Associate, Ritwik Sarkar that provided an overview of 3ie’s Policy Window grants and 3ie’s approach to engaging with NSPA on a policy window grant in Maldives. NSPA Technical Advisor, Ismail Azzam Wajeeh presented on the paradigm shift that led NSPA beyond its initial focus on ensuring vulnerable populations had access to its programmes to an emphasis on assessing its success and making improvements to future programmes. He also shared NSPA’s experience with the 3ie policy window, including challenges encountered and overcome. A brief discussion of stakeholder engagement followed.


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Country Evaluation Briefs- institutionalizing the use of evidence through user-friendly products

3ie hosted the fourth webinar in its member webinar series on 13 December, 2016, co-hosted by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), focused on Norad’s Country Evaluation Briefs (CEBs). The CEBs provide succinct, easily accessible information from existing evaluations of donor development efforts in target countries, designed to support the institutionalization of evidence within Norad, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Norwegian embassies. Norad piloted its first three CEBs in November 2016.


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