Bureau of Public Policies Evaluation and Government Actions Analysis, Government of Benin Bureau de l’Evaluation des Politiques Publiques et de l’Analyse de l’Action Gouvernementale

Bureau of Public Policies Evaluation and Government Actions Analysis, Government of Benin (BEPPAAG) formerly the General Directorate of Evaluation, was established to promote the use of monitoring and evaluation frameworks in public administration. Its key activities include developing and adopting a national evaluation policy, establishing a national evaluation board, promoting impact assessments of public policies, organising annual Benin Evaluation Days, designing an institutional framework for public policy evaluation, implementing public policy evaluations in the areas of health, agriculture, energy, and monitoring government priority actions. Since 2013, BEPPAAG has worked closely with 3ie to promote the use of impact evaluation evidence to inform public policies in Benin.

Member since: 2013 | Country: Benin

Overview of engagement

BEPPAAG has had a close working relationship with 3ie since becoming a member in 2013. BEPPAAG has provided useful feedback on 3ie’s governance, strategies and programmes and has helped 3ie build its presence within West Africa.  

BEPPAAG is highly focused on building the profile of impact evaluation as a useful tool for development within government agencies in Benin and across West Africa. To this end, BEPPAAG and 3ie have collaborated on a number of capacity-building workshops and trainings for bureau staff and for others in the region through pre-conference workshops and other activities during the annual Benin Evaluation Days. BEPPAAG is currently partnering with 3ie on a policy window grant and on a on a large-scale initiative to support capacity building and impact evaluation in seven West African countries. 3ie has also provided a number of trainings, workshops and bursaries in support of capacity building for bureau staff.

Examples of 3ie engagement

Policy Window: BEPPAAG helped to identify and initiate a collaboration between 3ie and Benin’s Ministry of Secondary Education, Technical and Vocational Training. Through its policy window, 3ie is currently funding an impact evaluation team to working to evaluate a programme promoting girls’ schooling.

Governance: Bureau representatives have contributed to 3ie’s governance through participation in several members’ conferences. Damase Sossou, Director of the Public Policies Evaluation Bureau, served on the organising committee for the 2016 conference as a representative of the developing country member constituency. 

3ie services: 3ie staff made presentations during Benin Evaluation Days and participated in evidence weeks organised by BEPPAAG.

3ie services: 3ie has provided bursaries to high-level Benin officials of the government of Benin to attend international training courses and conferences. Since 2014, seven senior officials have received bursaries to attend impact evaluation design clinics and capacity building workshops.


Being a member of 3ie is a great opportunity for Benin to engage and learn from impact evaluation experience of other countries and institutions. Benin participated in the 3ie members conference where we could also voice and debate about 3ie strategies and actions, including the interests of southern countries in general and West Africa countries that speak French in particular. Benin is also benefiting from the leadership and support of 3ie to advocate for a West Africa capacity-building and impact evaluation programme.

 Abdoulaye Gounou, Directeur Général de l’Evaluation

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