Millennium Challenge Corporation, US

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is an independent US government agency working to reduce global poverty through economic growth. Created in 2004, MCC provides time-limited grants and assistance to competitively selected countries that demonstrate a commitment to good governance, economic freedom and investments in their citizens. Since its inception, MCC has been committed to modernising the fight against poverty with a focus on hard data, rigorous monitoring and evaluation, and transparency.

MCC works with country partners to track progress throughout the lifecycle of each investment to assess the impact of its work. MCC also invests in independent impact and performance evaluations.

Member since: 2009 | Country: USA | website

Overview of engagement

The Millennium Challenge Corporation is one of 3ie’s longest standing members, signing a membership agreement shortly after 3ie was established in 2008. MCC and 3ie share a commitment to learning that goes beyond improving individual programmes and policies to strengthening the sectors as a whole. To this end, much of MCC’s engagement with 3ie has been in the area of research synthesis and peer learning. MCC has funded systematic reviews conducted by 3ie staff and grantees (with quality assurance from 3ie). MCC has also invited 3ie to train its own staff on best practices for commissioning systematic reviews.

Examples of 3ie engagement

  • Programme sponsorship: MCC has funded three studies under 3ie systematic reviews windows. Two of these are on agriculture-related topics, and one is on the identification and measurement of externalities in impact evaluations. MCC was one of the funders of a systematic review on farmer field schools conducted by the Campbell Collaboration and 3ie staff. A summary of this study was published in 3ie’s Systematic Reviews Series.
  • Peer learning: MCC hosted a peer learning event for 3ie member representatives and board commissioners on the lessons learned from the first five MCC impact evaluations as part of Washington Evidence Week in 2014.
  • Community of Practice: MCC contributed to a special issue of the Journal of Development Effectiveness in 2014, along with other 3ie members. The special issue can be accessed here.
  • 3ie services: Annette Brown delivered a workshop on commissioning systematic reviews for MCC staff.
  • Peer learning: MCC presented its microdata management activities, including establishing and managing a Disclosure Review Board (DRB), instituting microdata management principles, and balancing public release for verification and usability with needed de-identification for privacy protection, to 3ie staff in November 2016.
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