Ministry of Education, Republic of Peru

The Ministry of Education (MINEDU) seeks to improve the quality of education available to all Peruvians. Over the past few years, MINEDU has developed evidence-informed policies to confront key challenges affecting educational outcomes and to guide education reform. The priority reform areas include revaluing the teaching profession; improving infrastructure; improving the quality of learning; and improving school management. The Strategic Planning Secretariat within MINEDU, through the Office of Monitoring and Strategic Evaluation, has institutionalised the creation and use of evidence for informed policies. The office is leading several impact evaluations of interventions in priority areas, including incentives to teachers and school directors, increasing the length of the school day, and high-performance schools. Recently, MINEDU also launched the Cost-effective Policy Innovation Lab (MineduLAB). Its main objective is to identify, design, implement and evaluate low-cost innovations to education policy, mostly based on behavioural economics insights.

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Overview of engagement

MINEDU joined 3ie to benefit from its technical expertise through its member services and to avail opportunities for networking and peer learning. MINEDU is particularly interested in building its capacity to manage impact evaluations, maximising the use of administrative data and promoting the use of the evidence produced by both impact and performance evaluations. MINEDU has also expressed interest in 3ie’s Policy Window (Advanced) to have international experts joining local teams working on impact evaluations they commission. 3ie also provides peer review services for the design of impact evaluations of MINEDU’s programmes and technical support to its MineduLAB.

Examples of 3ie engagement

3ie services: In 2015, Mario Picon, senior evaluation specialist, met with MINEDU’s Quality for Education Management team to provide information about 3ie and discuss options for future partnership and collaboration.

Community of practice: 3ie and MINEDU partnered on the second webinar in 3ie’s member webinar series, and 3ie’s first-ever Spanish language event, in July 2016. Titled La experiencia de MineduLab: innovation and evidence generation in a Latin American public agency, the webinar focused on the experience of an innovation lab dedicated to generating rigorous evidence around education policy in Peru. It included experiences from overall coordination of the lab and two impact evaluation studies. The webinar is available on 3ie’s website.

Governance: Fabiola Caceres Paurinotto is a member of the organising committee for 3ie’s 2017 members’ conference.


Within the Ministry, low-cost innovations that can improve the provision of services and that can be scaled up are being created […]. It is possible to innovate within the public sector: it is being done.

Jaime Saavedra Chanduví
Former Minister of Education

The 3ie team has given valuable support by reviewing the methodological notes of the impact evaluations that MINEDU is leading. In addition, we are working together to schedule training workshops on impact evaluation for the MINEDU team in 2017. This technical assistance contributes to enhancing the quality and capacity of our team, and helps us to guarantee high methodological rigour in our impact evaluations.

Annie Chumpitaz Torres
Head of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, Office of Monitoring and Strategic Evaluation

In April 2015, MINEDU participated for the first time in the members’ conference and the board of commissioners meeting in Washington, DC. I went as MINEDU’s representative and had the opportunity to share our work in evaluations and exchange experiences with the rest of the members. I also took part in the 3ie conference, The Future of Impact Evaluation’, where I presented MINEDU’s vision for impact evaluations in the future. I believe that this experience was very enriching because it allowed our work to be seen by representatives from the academia, the private sector and public sector from around the world, and also helped to establish a good network with them.

Andrea Salazar
Analyst in Performance Management Tools, Office of Monitoring and Strategic Evaluation

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