Annual Reports

3ie Annual report 2017: Evidence • Action • Impact

3ie’s grant-making focused on three types of high-priority evidence gaps – geographic gaps within low and middle-income countries, thematic or development-sector gaps, and gaps in relation to specific populations. We continued to fill knowledge gaps in key areas that lack rigorous evidence, including environment and disaster management, humanitarian assistance, HIV and AIDS, latrine use, agricultural insurance and governance. Our work in strengthening national evaluation systems progressed in West Africa, Philippines and Uganda.

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3ie Annual report 2016: Evidence • Influence • Impact

Last year, 3ie generated new knowledge products, including publications and useful resources on impact evaluation and systematic reviews, such as manuals and multimedia content. We produced the most comprehensive systematic review to date on the effectiveness of education interventions in low- and middle-income countries. We continued to fill knowledge gaps in key areas that lack rigorous evidence, including: humanitarian assistance, latrine use, agricultural insurance, governance, environment, infrastructure and public finance. This report also highlights the significant progress we made to support impact evaluation, and synthesis and mapping, especially among our members.

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3ie Annual Report 2015: Evidence, Influence, Impact

2015 was a year of growth and building on its strengths for 3ie. There was a significant increase in the number of published impact evaluations, systematic reviews, replication studies and other 3ie products. This report also focuses on the increase in the policy impact of 3ie’s work and the increasing attention paid to 3ie-financed work. Read about the highlights from 2015 and about the progress we have made in our latest annual report.

Download 3ie Annual report 2015 (5.0 MB)

3ie Annual Report 2014: Evidence • Influence • Impact

The year 2014 was one of innovation and impact at 3ie. We are filling large knowledge gaps by funding policy-relevant research in new thematic areas. Our studies have informed development policies and improved programming. Read highlights about our work and achievements in our latest annual report.

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3ie Annual Report 2013: Evidence, Influence, Impact

Last year, 3ie continued to lead in the production of high-quality, policy-relevant evidence that helped improve development policy and practice in developing countries. Read highlights about our work, continued growth in new and important thematic areas and achievements.

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3ie Annual Report 2012: Evaluating Impact, Improving Lives

2012 was a successful year for 3ie as evidence from several 3ie-supported studies influenced policies and programmes in multiple countries and sectors. This Annual Report captures 3ie's rich contribution to building a strong culture of evidence-based policymaking. 3ie-supported projects clearly demonstrate how evaluating impact can indeed help in improving lives.

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3ie Annual Report 2011: Making Evidence Matter

There were many milestones that made 2011 a year of growth and consolidation for 3ie.  Most notably, results from impact evaluations funded by 3ie in its first grant round have already been used as evidence to influence policies. 3ie’s Annual Report 2011 tracks the organisation’s progress in achieving all of its strategic objectives.

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3ie Annual Report 2010: Providing evidence to influence policy

This report offers insights into 3ie’s work in funding actionable research, informing policy and building capacity.

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3ie Annual Report 2009: Building on what works

Our first annual report explains how we laid the foundations for a strong evidence base to help policymakers and development agencies invest more in effective programmes.

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