Dr Uma Lele honoured with the prestigious MS Swaminathan Award

Former 3ie board commissioner and internationally recognised development economist, Dr Uma Lele, has received the MS Swaminathan Award for her outstanding contribution to the field of agriculture. The Trust for Advancement of Agricultural Sciences gives the award to eminent scientists who have made pioneering contributions to Indian agriculture. After the award ceremony, Dr Lele delivered a lecture on incentives and strategies for scaling up innovations for smallholder farmers. 

Dr Lele has more than four decades of experience in agriculture research, operations, policy and evaluation. She has written extensively on agricultural economics and rural development. As senior advisor in the World Bank’s Operations Evaluation Department (now called the Independent Evaluation Group), she led several important evaluations, including one of the bank’s forest strategy. You can find her full profile and latest works on her website.

Dr Uma Lele has also been an invaluable member of 3ie’s board and family from June 2012 until stepping down in November 2017, contributing in many valuable ways to 3ie’s governance and growth.

We at 3ie extend our warmest congratulations to Uma and thank her with deepest gratitude for her many years of board service.

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