Ian Goldman

Ian Goldman is deputy director general and head of evaluation and research at the South African Presidency’s Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Ian has worked in 18 countries over the last 37 years, with NGOs, the private sector and governments across a range of development sectors including rural development, local governance, sustainable livelihoods, community-driven development, as well as action learning and evaluation.

Ian has worked as an agronomist in Mexico. He has also worked on developing local government capacity to manage rural development in Zambia, on rural economic development in the UK and as a management adviser for the free state minister of agriculture in South Africa after 1994. He then established an NGO (Khanya-AICDD) working in southern and eastern Africa on sustainable livelihoods and community-driven development.

Ian joined the Presidency in 2009, where he is the head of evaluation and research and has led the development of South Africa’s national evaluation system. He has been a 3ie board of commissioner since 2012.

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