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Our members support the production of knowledge of what works in development and sharing it as a public good.

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Current 3ie Members

Membership Benefits

  • Part of a growing community of practice for evidence –based development: 3ie members come together at an annual members’ conference, at which they share experiences in the production and use of impact evaluations and evidence reviews. 3ie also organises peer learning events with member governments and other development agencies.
  • Professional services: Members are entitled to five free days of 3ie professional services each year, which might include running an impact evaluation design workshop for the agency, reviewing terms of reference and proposals, or reviewing study reports. Members can also obtain additional member services, such as managing studies or sets of studies, at a reduced cost compared to non-members.
  • Steer 3ie: Members play a key role in 3ie’s governance, electing the board members and discussing the strategic direction of 3ie at the members’ conference.
  • Branding and promotion: Publications, calls for proposals, job advertisements and impact evaluation-related events and projects of members are promoted in the 3ie newsletter, events, website and other 3ie platforms.
  • Access to impact evaluation experts: 3ie has an online expert roster of leading professionals from around the world with proven experience who have agreed to help practitioners and policymakers in designing and conducting impact evaluation of their programmes. This roster is publicly available. For members, 3ie staff will advise on which experts may be most appropriate and make an introduction, if required.
  • Access to 3ie knowledge services: All 3ie-funded studies and data sets are available on our website . 3ie guidelines and guidance, as well as other training tools and resources are also regularly uploaded on the website. Members and subscribers will also receive information on upcoming calls for proposals, events, new research and publications. 

Developing country member agencies receive additional benefits:

  • 3ie will cover the cost of one member representative to attend the annual members’ conference
  • They receive preferential access to bursaries for staff to attend training events.

 Member Obligations

All members are encouraged to make voluntary contributions.

  • Developing country institutions must offer support in organising activities to promote evidence-based development in their country in liaison with 3ie.
  • Bilateral and multilateral development agencies and foundations are expected to contribute US$ 100,000 per annum. International NGOs must contribute US$ 10,000 per annum. 
  • Consortia, i.e. independent national offices of the same organisation or a group of up to three separate NGOs, must offer US$ 20,000 per annum. All agencies in the consortium are eligible for membership benefits. But the group has only one vote at the member’s conference.
  • Members are also required to produce at least one rigorous evaluation of their own development programmes every two years. 

  Download membership brochure (1.4 MB)

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