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Performance metrics

3ie was created to address the evaluation gap: the problem of insufficient production and use of evidence in designing and implementing policies and programmes.

As an organisation, we are committed to the values of accountability and transparency. We also believe in constantly reflecting and reviewing the benchmarks of our success. Our quarterly reports provide an overview on 3ie's performance against its strategic objectives by using a wide set of indicators. Here is a snapshot of 3ie’s performance on several of the key parameters as of June 2015. The maps on this page are updated on a real time basis.

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3ie-Funded Impact Evaluations


funded Impact Evaluations 2009-2014

Zoom in to see specific country information. Click on circles to see a list of studies.

3ie Publications (as of August 2015)

Working Papers Published

These 22 working papers cover both conceptual issues related to impact evaluation and findings from specific studies or systematic reviews.


Scoping Paper Series

These papers explore the current type and availability of evidence in a particular development sector to identify priority policy questions.


Total number of 3ie grants by funding window (until June 2015)

3ie-funded studies by sector

Note: This information is as of June 2015.

3ie Grant Disbursements (2009 - until June 2015)

To date, 3ie has committed US$88,505,441 for all grant windows and US$58,065,988 has been expended in grants through all 3ie windows.

This graph shows year wise 3ie expenses on grants as of 30 June 2015 (in USD, includes all grant windows)


Publications from 3ie-funded research

As of June 2015, there are more than 200 publications arising from 3ie-funded research, over 100 of which are journal papers. A wide range of journals, including The Lancet and The Quarterly Journal of Economics have published these articles.


3ie Membership

3ie membership is open to agencies that implement social and economic development programmes in low- and middle-income countries (L&MICS), with an annual expenditure of at least US$1 million on such programmes, and which are committed to the rigorous evaluation of the programmes they support. As of June 2015, 3ie had 37 members.


3ie Associate Members

Associate membership is open to institutions, which conduct impact evaluation studies. To know more about 3ie associate membership and the benefits of becoming an associate member, click here

As of June 2015, 3ie had 133 associate members.

3ie Members

3ie is a membership organisation with three categories of members: 

  • Government ministries and agencies from L&MICs 
  • Government ministries and agencies from other countries
  • Nonprofit organisations

As of June 2015, 3ie had 37 members. One of 3ie’s key membership objectives is to increase the number of developing country members and 3ie has been making significant progress. Of 3ie’s members, 54 per cent are from developing countries.To know more about 3ie membership and the benefits of becoming a member, click here.

Bursary Awards by Region August 2014 - March 2015

Since 2009, 991 bursaries have been awarded to build researcher capacity through training, conferences and meetings.