3ie ~ International Initiative for Impact Evaluation

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Performance metrics

3ie was created to address the evaluation gap: the problem of insufficient production and use of evidence in designing and implementing policies and programmes.

As an organisation, we are committed to the values of accountability and transparency. We also believe in constantly reflecting and reviewing the benchmarks of our success. Our quarterly performance monitoring reports measure performance against our strategic objectives by using a wide set of indicators. Here is a snapshot of 3ie’s performance on several of the key parameters as of March 31st, 2014.

Grants awarded to

132 impact evaluations

30 Systematic reviews

38 Other studies

3ie Grants

US$ 6,82,56,498 committed for all 3ie grant windows

US$ 3,94,90,077 expended in grants through all 3ie grant windows

3ie Expense on Grants as on March 31st 2014
(in USD, includes all grant windows)

3ie funded impact evaluations under the OW Grant Window

3ie supported impact evaluations are spread across low-and middle-income countries all over the world

Regions in which 3ie funds Impact Evaluations under the OW Grant Window (OW 1, 2,3 &4)

3ie membership

30 Members

112 Associate Members