Policy Entrepreneurship

We support researchers in becoming policy entrepreneurs.

3ie is encouraging researchers to move beyond dissemination and directly engaging policymakers in the research from the outset. 

Focus on the use of evaluation

3ie grantee research teams prepare a Policy Influence Plan for identifying what changes (in attitude, discourse, procedures, legislation or behaviours), and which key policy stakeholders or influencers (policymakers, media, civil society organizations, professional associations and trade unions, religious groups etc.) they are targeting. This plan is a condition for the first disbursement of the grant and the teams are required to report on their policy influence activities. Read more on how to develop a policy engagement strategy in our policy influence toolkit.

Participate in policy influence clinics

3ie is collaborating with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) to organize a series of communications for policy influence clinics for its grantees to share experiences and use new tools to plan their policy engagement. Download the tools from our April 2012 clinic.

Additional support on research uptake and policy influence monitoring

3ie is working with a consortium of global and regional think tanks to provide policy advisory support to 3ie grantees and monitor the policy impact of its funded research. In addition to increasing the likelihood that our funded research leads to policy change, this project will document successes and failures to distill best practices for sharing research with policymakers. 

Photo © World Bank, Save the Children

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