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Synthesis and Reviews Programme

3ie's synthesis and reviews programme provides a range of research synthesis products and services.

This includes training and quality assurance,  production of in-house research as well as funding for new systematic reviews.

The synthesis and reviews programme is based at 3ie's UK office at London International Development Centre. 

3ie Systematic Review Call 7

3ie invites proposals for systematic reviews that investigate the impact of development interventions in the areas of women's empowerment, humanitarian interventions and rural employment programmes. 

For more information, visit 3ie's Systematic Reviews Call 7 page.

What is a systematic review?

Systematic reviews ensure that evidence can better inform policy and practice. Reviews examine the existing evidence on a social or economic development intervention or programme in low-and middle-income countries, drawing also on evidence from developed countries when pertinent. 

3ie funded systematic reviews are carried out according to recognised international standards and guidelines. 3ie has partnered with the Campbell Collaboration  to provide training and support to review authors.  Reviews should usually register their protocol with Campbell, or the Cochrane Collaboration, if appropriate.

What 3ie can offer

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