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3ie is happy to announce the winners of the Impact Evaluation Repository  challenge. In the last two months, we received 97 study submissions from more than 25 people.

Of the 97 studies submitted, 63 were eligible impact evaluations and were immediately added to the Impact Evaluation Repository (see below). Of these, 32 studies** (and one correction) were published before 2013 and should have been found in our last search (thus are eligible for our $10 Amazon.com gift certificate prizes).

These studies are invaluable in our efforts to improve our systematic search and screening protocol  and provide the international development community with the most up-to-date, published impact evaluation evidence available.

We would like to sincerely thank the following people for sending their approved impact evaluation studies to the Impact Evaluation Repository. As always, we encourage you to send any published impact evaluations to database@3ieimpact.org.

Here's the list of 16 winners of the challenge and the impact evaluations that have been added to the repository.
*Winning Contestant **Winning Entry

Irani Arráiz
Supplier development programs and firm performance: evidence from Chile

Valentina Barca (on behalf of Oxford Policy Management)
Kazakhstan: External Evaluation of BOTA Programmes: The Impact of BOTA’s Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Programme

Child Grants Programme Impact Evaluation

Kenya Hunger Safety Net Programme Monitoring and Evaluation Component Impact Evaluation Final Report: 2009 to 2012

Julian Barr*

A correction to the study The Effect of an Integrated Multisector Model for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals and Improving Child Survival in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa: A Non-Randomised Controlled Assessment**

Andreas de Barros*

Low Demand for Nontraditional Cookstove Technologies

Spousal Control and Intra-Household Decision Making: An Experimental Study in the Philippines**

Thomas de Hoop*
Learning with the XOs: The impact of the Ceibal Plan **

Eliana La Ferrara*
Soap Operas and Fertility: Evidence from Brazil **

Amber Gove
Improving reading outcomes in Kenya: First-year effects of the PRIMR Initiative

Petr Janský*
Heterogeneous returns and the persistence of agricultural technology adoption **

Dan Killman*
Rule of Law Stabilization Program – Informal Component **

Svein Kiplesund* and Jennifer Mccleary-Sills*
Gender-targeted Conditional Cash Transfers Enrollment, Spillover Effects and Instructional Quality **

Reintegrating and Employing High Risk Youth in Liberia: Lessons from a randomized evaluation of a Landmine Action an agricultural training program for ex-combatants**

Gender Bias in Intrahousehold Allocation: Evidence from an Unintentional Experiment**

ARV Treatment and Time Allocation to Household Tasks: Evidence from Kenya **

The Impact of Distributing School Uniforms on Children’s Education in Kenya **

HIV/AIDS sensitization and peer-mentoring: Evidence from a randomized experiment in Senegal **

Combining Longitudinal Household and Community Surveys for Evaluation of Social Transfers: infrastructure rehabilitation projects in rural Georgia**

One-Time Transfers of Cash or Capital Have Long-Lasting Effects on Microenterprises in Sri Lanka **

Two-Name Land Use Certificates and Gender Inequality: An Empirical Investigation for Vietnam **

Does Information Improve School Accountability? Results of a Large Randomized Tria Does Information Improve School Accountability? Results of a Large Randomized Trial **

How valuable are environmental health interventions? Evaluation of water and sanitation programmes in India **

5 Years in Juntos: New Evidence on the Program’s Short and Long-Term Impacts **

Income Shocks and Adolescent Mental Health

Controlled Trial of Psychotherapy for Congolese Survivors of Sexual Violence

Turning a Shove into a Nudge? A “Labeled Cash Transfer” For Education

How to Promote Order and Property Rights under Weak Rule of Law? An Experiment in Changing Dispute Resolution Behavior through Community Education

Does Management Matter? Evidence from India

Gender Differences in the Effects of Vocational Training: Constraints on Women and Drop-Out Behavior

Women’s Inheritance Rights and Intergenerational Transmission of Resources in India

Information for Accountability: Impact Evaluation of EGRA and teacher training

Jörg Langbein*
A Recipe for Success? Randomized Free Distribution of Improved Cooking Stoves in Senegal **

Alleviating Deforestation Pressures?: Impacts of Improved StoveDissemination on Charcoal Consumption in Urban Senegal

Dissemination on Charcoal Consumption in Urban Senegal

Fear of the Dark? How Access to Electric Lighting Affects Security Attitudes and Nighttime Activities in Rural Senegal

Impact Evaluation of Improved Stove Use in Burkina Faso – FAFASO

Impacts of Pico-PV Systems Usage using a Randomized Controlled Trial and Qualitative Methods

William A. Masters*
The Role of Leaders in Democratic Deliberations: Results from a Field Experiment in São Tomé and Príncipe **

Measuring the impacts of Malawi’s farm input subsidy programmeDisease control, demographic change and institutional development in Africa

Disease control, demographic change and institutional development in Africa

Meghan Olivier*
Impact of Feeding Children in School: Evidence from Bangladesh **

The Impact of Asset Transfer on Livelihoods of the Ultra Poor in Bangladesh **

The Impact of Bolsa Família on Child, Maternal, and Household Welfare**

The South African Child Support Grant Impact Assessment: Evidence from a survey of children, adolescents and their households** **

Impact Evaluation of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Turkey: Final Report

Impact Evaluation of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Turkey: Final Report on Agricultural Productivity**

Impact Evaluation of the Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Turkey: Final Report **

The Impact of Bolsa Família on Women’s Decision-Making Power

Bargaining Power and Biofortification: The Role of Gender in Adoption of Orange Sweet Potato in Uganda

Katia Peterson*, Shilpa Modi* and Hisham Esper*
Providing immediate CD4 count results at HIV testing improves ART initiation **

Antiretroviral therapy in antenatal care to increase treatment initiation in HIV-infected pregnant women: A stepped-wedge evaluation **

Health care utilization and costs of a support program for patients living with the human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis in Peru **

Todd Pugatch
Incentives for teacher relocation: Evidence from the Gambian hardship allowance

Marja Sainio*
Microfinance Against Malaria: Impact of Freedom from Hunger’s Malaria Education When Delivered by Rural Banks in Ghana **

Leveraging microfinance networks to scale up HIV and financial education among adolescents and their mothers in West Bengal: A Cluster randomized trial and mixed-method evaluation **

The Impact of Health Insurance Education on Enrollment of Microfinance Institution Clients in the Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme, Northern Region of Ghana
Richard Sedlmayr
Health impact and cost-effectiveness of a private sector bed net distribution: experimental evidence from Zambia

On the Economic Impact of Malaria Control, Some Discordant Evidence

Dana Sievers*
Addressing Inequities in Access to Health Products through the Use of Social Marketing, Community Mobilization, and Local Entrepreneurs in Rural Western Kenya **

The Effect of Delivery Mechanisms on the Uptake of Bed Net Re-impregnation in Kilifi District, Kenya **

Scripted Messages Delivered by Nurses and Radio Changed Beliefs, Attitudes, Intentions, and Behaviors Regarding Infant and Young Child Feeding in Mexico

Katie Sproule
How Do Intrahousehold Dynamics Change When Assets Are Transferred to Women? Evidence from BRAC’s Challenging the Frontiers of Poverty Reduction—Targeting the Ultra Poor Program in Bangladesh

Can Integrated Agriculture-Nutrition Programs Change Gender Norms on Land and Asset Ownership? Evidence from Burkina Faso

Bargaining Power and Biofortification: The Role of Gender in Adoption of Orange Sweet Potato in Uganda

Melba Tutor
The Impact of Philippines’ Conditional Cash Transfer Program on Consumption

Justin White
Commitment Contracts and Team Incentives: A Randomized Controlled Trial for Smoking Cessation in Thailand


Published on: 25 August 2014

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