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28-29 April, Helsinki: 3rd European Environmental Evaluators Network forum (EEEN)

The theme of the 3rd EEEN forum is Linking evaluation findings to enhancing sustainability. Discussions will focus on the influence of evaluations, coordination of knowledge generated by evaluations, and linking the evaluation of policy measures to long-term policy goals.

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Published on: 15 apr 2014

1 May, Berkley, California: Evidence to action -- building markets for small scale farmers

The Center for Effective Global Action, University of California, is holding this conference in association with J-PAL. It will highlight interventions policymakers can use to strengthen value chains and enable investment in agriculture.

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Published on: 10 apr 2014

5-7 May, Cape Town: Research evaluation and performance measurement conference

The REPM 2014 conference hosted by the University of Cape Town. The purpose is to enhance research evaluation which will inform strategic research policy and planning.

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Published on: 09 apr 2014

16-17 May, UC Los Angeles: Working Group in African Political Economy

The Working Group in African Political Economy (WGAPE) brings together faculty and advanced graduate students in Economics and Political Science who combine field research experience in Africa with training in political economy methods. WGAPE serves as a forum for presenting works-in-progress, and provides an unparalleled opportunity for useful feedback by colleagues in the field.

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Published on: 05 apr 2014

2-3 June, Washington, DC: World Bank Annual Conference on Development Economics

The theme for the World Bank's Annual Conference on Development Economics this year is, 'The Role of Theory in Development Economics'. Presentations and discussions will focus on new knowledge on development economics. The conference aims at promoting the exchange of ideas among researchers, policymakers, and students interested in development issues.

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Published on: 01 feb 2014

15-18 June, Ottawa: Canadian Evaluation Society national conference

This theme for this year's Canadian Evaluation Society conference is 35 Years: Celebrating Contributions to Canadian Evaluation. Other areas deliberation will include research and theory, interdisciplinary and international methods, as well as practice across sectors and regions.

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Published on: 03 jan 2014

16-19 June, Belfast: Campbell Colloquium

The theme for this year's colloquium is Better evidence for a better world. It is being hosted by the Centre for Effective Education at Queen’s University Belfast.

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Published on: 02 jan 2014

18-20 June, Accra: 15th Annual Global Development Conference

The theme for GDN's 15th annual conference is Structural transformation in Africa and beyond. The conference aims to achieve a better understanding of the nature and prospects of structural transformation in Africa, drawing on insights from other transformation experiences around the world, and to foster dialogue among researchers and practitioners whose work focuses on Africa.

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Published on: 01 jan 2014

23-26 June, Bonn: 14th European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) conference

The theme of the 14th EADI conference is Responsible development in a polycentic world: inequality, citizenship and the middle classes. The conference will debated issues related to this theme.

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Published on: 01 jan 2014

25-26 June, Peru: IZA/World Bank conference on employment and development

The 9th annual IZA-World Bank will be held in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Universidad del Pacifico. In addition to the regular sessions in the fields of labor economics and development, special sessions on the Skills for Productive Employment will be featured. The conference will provide an opportunity to review what we know on the role of skills and their use for promoting productive employment.

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Published on: 31 dec 2013

7-10 July, Wellington, New Zealand: ANZEA conference

This year’s conference will focus on building robust evaluation in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Published on: 20 dec 2013

24-28 August, Davos: 5th International Disaster and Risk Conference

The International Disaster Risk Conference (IDRC) will attempt to find solutions to today’s challenges by managing risks, reducing disasters and adapting to climate change. With a focus on a multisectors, multistakeholders and multidisciplines approach, IDRC will help build stronger ties with adequate public-private partnership models among risk management communities and sectors, enabling a move towards a truly integrative way of thinking about disasters and risks.

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Published on: 10 dec 2013