Jose Galdo

Carleton University

Education, Information and Communications Technology, Private Sector Development, Social Protection, Educational Inputs, Vocational/ Technical Education & Training, Telecommunications, Labor markets & Employment, Small Scale Enterprise
Canada, Colombia, Ethiopia, Peru
Sub-Saharan Africa (includes East and West Africa), Latin America and the Caribbean

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Published Articles: 'Integrating mobile phone technologies into labor-market intermediation: a multi-treatment experimental design' ; 'Preventing dengue through mobile phones: Evidence from a field experiment in Peru' ; 'Does the Quality of Public-Sponsored Training Programs Matter? Evidence from Bidding Processes Data' ; Published Working Papers: 'Household Wealth and Heterogeneous Impacts of a Market-Based Training Program: The Case of PROJOVEN in Peru' ; 'Training Quality and Earnings: The Effects of Competition on the Provision of Public-Sponsored Training Programs' ; 'Does the Quality of Training Programs Matter? Evidence from Bidding Processes Data'


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Photo © 3ie, J-PAL, Bangladesh; World Bank; Oxfam International

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