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3ie ~ International Initiative for Impact Evaluation

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3ie holds seminars, workshops and conferences. Our development experts also participate in global events related to evaluation.

These events offer a platform for vibrant debate on the use of evidence for efficient policy making and facilitate dialogue between researchers, policymakers and pracititioners.

The aim is to spread knowledge about evaluation methodology, build capacity of researchers to communicate their findings and encourage policymakers to commission evaluations.

3ie seminars

3ie seminars are a great space for engaging with researchers and policymakers and practitioners in the area of international development. The seminars focus on examining evidence from impact evaluations of development interventions in a wide variety of sectors.

3ie holds regular seminars in Delhi, London and Washington.

3ie Delhi seminar

3ie-LIDC London seminar

3ie-IFPRI Washington seminar

3ie conferences and workshops

Our workshops and conferences bring together diverse groups of researchers, evaluators, donors for active debates on evidence-based policymaking. They feature active discussions on the management and use of impact evaluations and systematic reviews.


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