Perspectives on Impact Evaluation 2009

Perspectives on Impact Evaluation: Approaches to assessing development effectiveness, Cairo, Egypt
March 29 - April 2, 2009

Seven hundred evaluators, policy makers, donors, development practitioners and researchers gathered in Cairo in 2009 to share experiences and lessons learned, and guide political leaders in shaping and implementing development policies and programs that make a difference in poor people’s lives.

This page contains the presentations made at the conference

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March 31, 2009 (4:30 - 6:00 pm)
Room - Babylon 1 (22.1)

Challenges in Measuring Governance Impact: The Experience of ENCISS - Patrick E. Robin, Ahmed Ag Aboubacrine and Andrew Lavali (295.5 KB)

What does Implementing Anticorruption projects in Bulgaria tell us about Importance of Impact Evaluations - Milena Minkova (1.2 MB)

Room - Babylon 2 (19.2)

Evaluation Capacity Building in South Asia: Experiences, Lessons Learned and Way Forward - R.S. Goyal (546.5 KB)

A Model for Using Technical Assistance to Improve the Evaluation Capacity of Local Programs – Wayne M. Harding, Cheryl Vince-Whitman (636.0 KB)

Room - Babylon 3 (23.3)

A Systems Approach to Education Sector Reform and Evaluation in Egypt and Jordan - Audrey-marie Schuh Moore, Clive Cavanagh, Mark Ginsburg, and Nagwa Megahed (503.5 KB)

Impact of Large-Scale Infant Feeding Promotion on Child Survival and Health in Madagascar - ? (1.3 MB)

Full Market Impact: Measuring Impact of Private-sector Health Projects: AED’s N-MARC Project Nepal - Nadra Franklin (1.2 MB)

Room - Isis (15)

The Comparative Method for Assessing Impacts and Cost Effectiveness of Development Assistance Programs - Paul Clements (182.5 KB)

Development per Aid DollarData Envelopment Analysis applied to aid efficiency- Bo Sjö (1.2 MB)

Room - Kaharama (41.1)

Rigorous Impact Evaluation What It Is About and How It Can Be Done In Practice - Alexandra Caspari (2.8 MB)

Monitoring? Evaluation? Impact Evaluation? Appreciating and Taking Advantages of the Differences - Burt Perrin (4.9 MB)

Room - Morgana (11.1)

Assessing the impact of free primary education policy on access and schooling outcomes in Kenya - Moses Ngware, Moses Oketch, Alex Ezeh (547.5 KB)

Free Primary Education Program in Kenya: An Impact Evaluation - Milu Muyanga (547.5 KB)

Room – Nefertiti 2 (26.3)

Power, Conundrum and CBOs - Tracey Konstant and Karel Stanz (179.9 KB)

Room - Teeba 1 (25.2)

Using Innovation to Document Project Impact in Volatile Situations - Haron Njiru (343.0 KB)

Expérience d’élaboration et mise en œuvre d’un système de suivi évaluation au projet de formation en pédagogie active pour renforcer la culture de paix à l’école au Rwanda - Thaddée Yossa (227.0 KB)

Room - Teeba 2 (5.6)

Impact Evaluations and Development Draft NONIE Guidance on Impact Evaluation - Frans Leeuw and Jos Vaessen (1.1 MB)

Draft NONIE Guidance Note : Discussant Comments - Patricia Rogers (701.0 KB)

March 31, 2009 (6:15 - 7:15 pm)

Room - Babylon 1 (9)

The Impact of Court Decentralization on Domestic Violence Against Women - Raúl Andrade and Jimena Montenegro (328.5 KB)

Maria Melody Garcia (930.0 KB)

Room - Babylon 2 (7)

Modeling Gender Effects of Pakistan’s Trade Liberalization - Rizwana Siddiqui (374.0 KB)

Room - Babylon 3 (23.6)

Education Reform Program Support in the Area of Professional Development in Egypt Documentation and "Utilization-Focused Evaluation" - Nagwa Megahed and Mark Ginsburg (503.5 KB)

Strengthening Program Design and Services: Measuring Products and Services Performance through GIS Application A Pilot Study in Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - ? (2.9 MB)

The Cost-Effectiveness of Using PDA’s for Assessing Impact: A2Z’s Experience in India -? (9.4 MB)

Room - Isis (17)

Evaluating Partnerships for Sustainable Development : Case Study of PSRHH - Mark Ojukwu (2.8 MB)

Evaluation Of The New Partnership For Africa’s Development: Approach And Methodology - Alain A. Ndedi (99.0 KB)

Room - Kaharama (5.1)

Thinking systemically: Seeing from simple to complex in impact evaluation - Patricial Rogers, Irene Guijt, Bob William (13.7 MB)

Room – Morgana (21)

Measurement on the Road to Impact Assessing the influence of research on public policy - Fred Carden, Zenda Ofir, John Young (13.7 MB)

Room – Nefertiti 2 (22.2)

Democracy Surveys as a Tool in Impact Evaluations: Promise and Challenges - Dr. Margaret Sarles (118.5 KB)

Room – Osiris (40.1)

Water and sanitation interventions for better child health: Evidence from a synthetic review - Hugh Waddington, Birte Snilstveit, Howard White, Lorna Fewtrell (524.0 KB)

Trickle Down: Chlorine Dispensers and Household Water Treatment - Michael Kremer, Edward Miguel, Sendhil Mullainathan, Clair Null, Alix Zwane (384.0 KB)

Room – Teeba 1

Madrasa Early Childhood Development Community Based Monitoring and Evaluation (CBM&E) System - Wayne A. Bacale (6.0 MB)

April 1, 2009 (8:15 – 9:00 am)

Room – Babylon 1 (5.12)

Performance Evaluation Of Public Service Delivery (Social Services) : Kenyan Experience – Paul O. Omondi (185.0 KB)

Room – Babylon 2 (8.1)

An impact evaluation of a home-visiting ECD program in the Caribbean - Wendy Janssens, with Cristina , Rosemberg and Jeroen van Spijk (461.0 KB)

Experiences with Lot Quality Assurance Sampling - Olivia Nakayiza & Luc Vanhoorickx (4.8 MB)

Room – Babylon 3 (4.2)

Evaluating Impacts of Agricultural Research: Lessons and Challenges Based on the Experience of the CGIAR - Mywish Maredia (111.5 KB)

Room – Isis (33)

Impact Evaluation considerations for Non-Traditional ODA - Immaculate Dadiso Motsi (556.0 KB)

Realities of Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policies and Its Implementation Strategies: An Assessment of a Thermal Power Project in India - Uma Chatterjee Saha (339.5 KB)

Room – Kaharama (11.3)

Example of an Education Intervention : Girls’ Scholarship Program – Rebecca Thronton (2.6 MB)

Room – Osiris (2.1)

Innovation Platforms: Evaluating functioning, outcomes and contributions to agriculture development in the Lake Kivu Region - Pamela Pali, with J. Njuki, R. Buruchara, W. Chiuri, J. Mugabe, M.M. Tenywa, J. Tukahirwa, I. Kasheija, C. Ngaboyisonga, S. Mapat (6.9 MB)

Child Well-being agency - ? (194.6 KB)

Room Teeba 1 (19.1)

Towards Becoming an Authority in Impact Measurement and Knowledge Management: Building capacity in applying DME standards in CARE Sierra Leone - Ahmed Ag Aboubacrine, Chris Necker, Bockarie Sesay (196.0 KB)

Building Institutional Capacity in Applying Design, Monitoring and Evaluation Standards in CARE Sierra Leone – Bockarie Sesay with Ahmed Ag Aboubacrine, Chris Necker (206.0 KB)

Building Capacity on Program Evaluation in Latin America: The Experience of the Partnership between Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health (INSP) and the MEASURE Evaluation Project - Gustavo Angeles, Jose Urquieta, Bernardo Hernandez, Mara Tellez-Ro (455.5 KB)

Impact Evaluation of Child Survival Project in Sierra Leone - Bockarie Sesay (4.4 MB)

Room Teeba 2 (28.1)

External validity: What role for short-cut impact assessment? Mixing types of trees to see the forest - Tanguy Bernard, Ruth Hill (909.0 KB)

April 1, 2009 (11:00 am – 12:30 pm)

Room – Babylon 1 (37.3)

The Heterogeneous Impact of CCT programmes on Child Labour: the case of Tekoporã in Paraguay - Guilherme Issamu Hirata, Rafael Perez, Fábio Veras Soares (225.0 KB)

Achievements and Shortfalls of Conditional Cash Transfers: Impact Evaluation of Paraguay’s Tekoporã Programme - Fábio Veras Soares, Rafael Perez, Guilherme Issamu Hirata (145.5 KB)

Heterogeneous impact of the social program Oportunidades on contraceptive methods use in young adult women living in rural areas: limitations of the regression discontinuity approach - Héctor Lamadrid-Figueroa, Gustavo Ángeles, Tom Mroz, José Urquiet (239.0 KB)

Pensions, Poverty and Household Investments in Bolivia - Sebastian Martinez (298.0 KB)

Room – Babylon 2 (29.1)

Measuring enterprise development impact in complex, resource constrained environments in South Africa – adapting the EvaluLEAD Guide from leadership development to enterprise development - ? (1.1 MB)

Laboratory Experiments to Evaluate Policies: An Example from Islamic Microfinance - Mohamed El-Komi (1.0 MB)

Room – Babylon 3 (22.3)

The Effect of Education on In-prison Conflict: Evidence from Argentina - Maria Laura Alzua, Catherine Rodríguez, Edgar Villa (957.0 KB)

Social Cohesion Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa - Elisabeth King, Cyrus Samii (435.5 KB)

The Impact of Social Investment Funds on Social Capital and Violence Evaluation of the Peace and Development Regional Programmes in Colombia – Luca Pellerano (1.1 MB)

Room – Isis (38)

Impact Assessment of Learnerships and Apprenticeships - Dr Jeffy Mukora (2.0 MB)

Evaluating the impact of Job Training Programs in Latin America: Evidence from the IDB - Pablo Ibarrarán, David Rosas (1.1 MB)

Laying Foundation for Impact Assessment of self help Community based group projects: Introduction of Record Keeping, Costing and other data utilization culture to the entrepreneurship Self help groups- Samuel Migui Wachira (116.0 KB)

Room – Kaharama (5.10)

Using Randomized Evaluations to test Development Effectiveness - Dean Karlan, Kamilla Gumede, Annie Duflo (3.9 MB)

Room Morgana (13.1)

Evaluation and decision support for sustainable development in rural areas: case study for agri-environmental measures - Jadwiga Ziolkowska (1.5 MB)

Impact Evaluation in the Global Environment Facility: Looking back for Our Common Future – David Todd and Lee Alexander Risby (1.9 MB)

Impact Evaluation Of Fishery Conservation Policies In The Philippines - Maria Rebecca A. Campos (1.2 MB)

Towards a framework for assessing climate change interventions through impact evaluation - Martin Prowse (982.5 KB)

Room – Nefertiti 2 (11.2)

Assessing the Impact of the Ishraq Program in Egypt - Ghada Barsoum (1.4 MB)

Monitoring for impact in a programme’s sphere of influence: a case study of the ´Quality Education and vulnerability Programme´ in Zimbabwe- Robert Chipimbi & Jan Van Ongevalle (510.5 KB)

Programme de L’Education de la Petite Enfance a Madagascar - ? (1006.0 KB)

Room - Osiris (25.1) 

How effective are social programs during conflicts? Instrumental variables evidence from the Angolan civil war - Jean-Louis Arcand and Eric Djimeu Wouabe (329.5 KB)

Education in Conflict Affected Fragile States: Global Evaluation 2008-2010 - Dragana Sretenov (3.4 MB)

Room Teeba 2 (5.13)

Paying Health Care Providers for Performance: Evidence from Rwanda - Paul Gertler (3.8 MB)

April 1, 2009 (2:00 - 3:30 pm)

Room - Babylon 1 (12)

Are Disasters Any Different? Challenges and Opportunities for Post-Disaster Impact Evaluation - Alison Buttenheim, Howard White, Rizwana Siddiqui, Katie Hsih (600.5 KB)

Room - Babylon 2  (5.5)

The Impact And Practical Utility Of Evaluation Outcome Measurement As A Feed-Back Mechanism For Sustainable Development - Apollos B. Goyol (242.5 KB)

Unpacking the notion of program theory from a complexity lense: Can indigenous and cross-cultural perspectives help? Sanjeev Sridharan and Janet Smylie (3.0 MB)

Concevoir une analyse de contribution pour évaluer les impacts prévus - Eric Monnier (917.5 KB)

Room – Babylon 3 (1.1)

Cultivating Demand Within USAID for Impact Evaluations of Democracy and Governance Assistance - Mark Billera (231.5 KB)

Knowledge of and attitudes towards impact evaluations amongst senior managers in South Africa’s Department of Social Development ? (516.0 KB)

Valuing evaluation beyond programme boundaries: Communicating evaluations to enhance development effectiveness globally -Anna Downie (2.2 MB)

Room – Isis (23.1)

The Value of Measurements and Where they Apply Data Requirements for Evaluation of Population Policy - (104.5 KB)

Liezl Coetzee (104.5 KB)

Public Health Insurance for the Poor in Indonesia: Targeting and Impact of Indonesia’s Askeskin Programme - Asep Suryahadi, Wenefrida Widyanti , Robert Sparrow (519.0 KB)

Health Programme Evaluation by Propensity Score Matching: Accounting for Treatment Intensity and Health Externalities with an Application to Brazil - Rodrigo Moreno-Serra (220.5 KB)

Room - Kaharama (10)

Development agency support for impact evaluation - Harry Jones (401.0 KB)

Post-Intervention Studies - Junaid Habib and Irko Zuurmond (287.5 KB)

Room – Morgana (2.2)

Impact evaluation design for PADYP Benin - Jocelyne Delarue (765.0 KB)

Impact evaluation design for: Millennium Challenge Account Honduras Rural Development Project - . M. Ochoa & M. García (3.1 MB)

Room – Nefertiti 2 (35.1)

Evaluation of Long term impact of Heifer International Projects - Yuriy Nesterov (1.8 MB)

Evaluation of Long term impact of Heifer International Projects - Yuriy Nesterov (235.0 KB)

Building the Sustainable Rural Development Index in Asia and the Pacific Region:Scoreboard on the Levels of Development of Rural Communities & Country Performance in Rural Development -Eva Benita A. Tuzon (1.1 MB)

Room – Osiris (40.2)

Stories in Numbers: Using Financial Indicators to Reveal Household and Community Narratives in Impact Evaluation of Water Projects - Michael P. Canares (3.4 MB)

Sound Impact Evaluations of German DC Programs Experiences with Quasi-Experimental Designs & Mixed Methods Approaches Case Studies from the Zambian and Kenyan Water Sector - Nicolà Reade, Sylvia Schweitzer & Jonathan Kampata (3.3 MB)

Room – Teeba 1 (37.2)

Labor supply responses to cash transfer programs : Experimental and non-experimental evidence from Latin America - María Laura Alzúa, Guillermo Cruces, Laura Ripani (545.5 KB)

April 1, 2009 (4:00 - 5:15 pm)

Room - Babylon 1 (37.1)

Beyond Cash: Estimating Externality and Behavioural Change Effects of a non-randomized CCT programme: Paraguay case study - Rafael Ribas, Fábio Veras Soares, Guilherme Hirata, Elydia Silva, Clarissa Teixeira and Joana Costa (217.9 KB)

Family allowances and child school attendance: An ex-ante evaluation of alternative schemes for Uruguay - Verónica Amarante, Rodrigo Arim, Gioia de Melo, Andrea Vigorito (184.5 KB)

Room - Babylon 3 (29.2)

Microfinance: what have we learned? Lessons from randomized experiments - Dean Karlan and Annie Duflo (1002.5 KB)

Room - Isis (1.5)

Use of Impact Evaluation for Organizational Learning and Policy Influence: The Case of International Agriculture Research - ? (1.3 MB)

Room - Kaharama (5.3)

Evaluation in the Practice of Development - Martin Ravallion (148.5 KB)

Room - Morgana (2.2)

Impact evaluation design for: PADYP - Benin Jocelyne Delarue (765.0 KB)

Impact evaluation design for: Millennium Challenge Account Honduras Rural Development Project - M. Ochoa and Mrs. M. García (3.1 MB)

Room - Nefertiti 2 (23.2)

Impact Evaluation of an Integrated Nutrition and Health Programme on Neonatal Mortality in rural Northern India: Experience of an Independent Evaluation - Praween K. Agrawal (168.5 KB)

Comment les facteurs contextuels relevés par l’analyse d’implantation peuvent-ils aider l’évaluation d’impact subséquente?Exemple de la stratégie de prise en charge intégré des maladies de l’enfance (PCIME) - Léon Nshimyumukiza, Marie Gervais (1.7 MB)

Room - Osiris (5.4)

Cas du Noyau d’Accompagnement de la Dynamique Communautaire en République Démocratique du Congo - Albert Mashika Caritas (143.5 KB)

Room - Shepard Lotus (20.1)

Roundtable on Evaluating Networks - with Ricardo Wilson-Grau, Katsuji Imata, John Young, Nancy MacPherson, Priyanthi Fernando (124.5 KB)

Room - Shepard Teeba (36)

The Welfare Impact of Rural Electrification - Howard White (240.5 KB)

Room - Teeba 1 (1.2)

Participatory Assessment of Conservation and Livelihood Indicators in Congo Forest Basin - Dominique Endamana, Louis Defo, Antoine Eyebe, Jeffrey Sayer, Manuel Ruiz Perez, Intu A. Boedhihartono, Cléto Ndikumagenge, Kamiss Ami (1.7 MB)

A Syndrome of Irregular Enthusiasm: Increasing the Utilisation of Evaluation findings in the UPHOLD project - Apollo Nkwake (4.9 MB)

Room - Teeba 2 (35.2)

Evaluating Empowerment in the Rural Small-holder Context: Lessons from East Africa - Deborah Duveskog and Esbern Friis-Hansen (1.9 MB)

April 2, 2009 (8:30 - 9:15 am)

Room - Babylon 1 (43)
M & E Training in Tibet Africa: Adapting to and learning from other Cultures – Laura Luo

Room - Babylon 2 (26.1)

Institutionalizing Impact Evaluation in Human Development: The Spanish Impact Evaluation Fund (SIEF) – Sebastian Martinez (40.0 KB)

Institutionalizing IE in the MCC - Franck Wiebe (305.0 KB)

Making Aid Work: How to fight global poverty effectively – Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee (182.2 KB)

Room - Babylon 3 (1.3)

Pró-conselho Tool: a participatory methodology for planning and evaluate results – Ana Cristina Valente Borges (798.0 KB)

Room - Nefertiti 2 (34)

Indian Scenario – Seversh Kumar (532.5 KB)

Status of Development Evaluation in India- An overview - S. P. Pal (40.5 KB)

Institutionalizing Impact Evaluation: South Asian Perspective: Bhutan’s Perspective – Karma Galleg (834.5 KB)

Institutionalizing Impact Evaluation South Asian Perspective: Pakistan – Ghulam Mustafa (2.5 MB)

Institutionalizing Impact Evaluation: Demand, Production And Use: A South Asian Perspective– Panel Discussion (19.5 KB)

Status and Challenges of Impact Evaluation in Nepal – Birendra Bir Basnyat (45.5 KB)

Impact evaluation with explicit reference to RBA – S.P. Pal (36.5 KB)

Impact Evaluation: A Rights Based Approach – Sheelagh O’Reilly and S.P. Pal (31.0 KB)

Global Partnership for Development: Implications for the evaluation of development and development aid - Sheelagh O’Reilly (197.5 KB)

Room - Osiris (8.3)

Using the Most Significant Change (MSC) technique for actual program improvement (New way towards a downward accountability and collective learning) – Awny Amer (324.5 KB)

Room - Shepard Teeba (5.15)

Measurement of Process Effectiveness: The Use Of Dynamic Indicators In Monitoring An Adult Literacy Program In Southern India - Meera Sundararajan and V. Vinod Kumar (9.0 MB)

Institutionalizing results based on monitoring and impact evaluation practices in community based social services development projects - Kristine Grigoryan (2.6 MB)

Room –Teeba (5.14)

La recherche-action comme cadre expérimental de l’évaluation d’impact du développement - Ahmed Bencheikh and Khadija Hssaine (52.5 KB)

April 2, 2009 (11:20 am - 12:15 pm)

Room - Babylon 1 (1.3)

Evaluation Results: Engaging various audiences for effective learning and influence - Jerushah Rangasami, Anthony Gird (9.1 MB)

Evidence-Based Policy Analysis In South Africa: Critical assessment of the emerging GWM&ES - Fanie Cloete (2.1 MB)

Using Knowledge Management Functions to Achieve Influence - Amuzweni Lerato Ngoma (267.5 KB)

Room - Babylon 2 (31.1)

Methods Enabling Constituency Voice in Impact Evaluation for Improving Development - Andre Proctor (1.6 MB)

Impact assessment by beneficiaries: In practice Case Study from monitoring rural access interventions in Rathnapura, Sri Lanka - Mansi Kumarasiri (2.5 MB)

Developing a participatory impact assessment approach and action research culture within a communication for social change organisation in Nepal - June Lennie, Andrew Skuse, Bikash Koirala, Nirmal Rijal and Michael Wilmore (598.0 KB)

Room - Babylon 3 (23.5)

Developing a Spatial Evaluation Framework to Address Social and Health Problems - Julia Koschinsky and Sanjeev Sridharan (921.5 KB)

Room - Kaharama (5.8)

Design Alternatives for Impact Evaluation and for Generating “Credible Evidence” - Jennifer C. Greene
Alternatives to Randomized Trials:Quasi-experimental Design, Analysis, and Logic- Mel Mark

Room - Morgana (13.3)

Potentials and challenges of using M&E for institutionalizing impact evaluation and adaptive learning within organizations and programs involved in climate change adaptation - Nathalie Beaulieu (963.5 KB)

Experience De La Fondation Rurale De L’afrique De L’ouest - ? (1.9 MB)

Room - Osiris (39)

Integration of the Most Significant Change Approach in Measuring Impact for Market Development Projects – Nyamwaya Munthali (8.1 MB)

Participatory Poverty and Vulnerability Assessment for Appropriate Targeting And Impact Evaluation: The Case Of The Lower Usuthu Smallholder Irrigation Project In Swaziland – Lynn Kota (2.1 MB)

Room –Teeba (23.7)

Health Insurance in Nicaragua: A Randomized Evaluation - Rebecca Thornton (1.2 MB)

Room –Teeba 2 (44.2)

Making Evaluation our own –African Evaluation Tradition, Theory & Practice - Sulley Gariba (93.0 KB)

April 2, 2009 (14:00 – 3:30 pm)

Room - Babylon 1 (35.3)

Impact of Nonfarm Employments on Food Security in Rural Ghana: A Propensity-Score Matching Approach - Victor Owusu, Awudu Abdulai, Seini Yussif Abdul-Rahman (251.0 KB)

Room - Babylon 2 (1.4)

A Review Of Impact Evaluations Conducted In SA - Benita van Wyk (Williams) (786.5 KB)

Program Evaluation in Uruguray (2005 – 2008 and 2009 – 2010) - Ignacio Pardo (2.6 MB)

Room - Babylon 3 (26.2)

Challenges to Institutionalizing Impact Evaluation - Getahun Tafesse (114.5 KB)

Assessing programme effectiveness at the global level in a large and complex organisation - Irko Zuurmond (264.0 KB)

Room - Isis (13.2)

What are the Effects of Land Use Restrictions on Local Communities? Evidence from an Impact Evaluation of Costa Rica’s Protected Areas - Kwaw S. Andam (5.6 MB)

Potential and Pitfalls of Experimental Impact Evaluation: Reflections on the design and implementation of an experimental Payments for Environmental Services project in Latin America - Jos Vaessen, David Todd, Gert van Hecken (880.5 KB)

Do the poor benefit from forest devolution policies? Evidence from forest co-management in Malawi - Charles Jumbe (4.2 MB)

Room - Kaharama (24)

Indicators for assessing the impact of new funding modalities on civil society responses to HIV/AIDS - Kevin Kelly & Karen Birdsall (669.0 KB)

Randomized Evaluation of HIV Prevention Programs - Rebecca Thornton (4.1 MB)

Behavior Change Interventions to Prevent HIV among Women Living in Low and Middle Income Countries - Sandra I. McCoy, R. Abigail Kangwende, Nancy S. Padian (302.0 KB)

Room - Morgana (28.2)

School Feeding Programs in Low and Middle Income Countries: Evidence and Implications for Policy and Practice – Elizabeth Kristjansson (3.0 MB)

Evaluation, propaganda, policy and practice - Eamonn Noonan (1.6 MB)

Systematic reviews to support public policy: An overview - Jeff Valentine (145.5 KB)

Room – Nefertiti 2 (5.11)

Applying Quality Standards in Impact Evaluation: Case of CARE Program Quality Framework and Evaluation Policy - Ahmed Ag Aboubacrine, Josephine Kainessie, Bockarie Sesay, Dr. Moses Lahai and Patrick Robin (149.0 KB)

Feminine Perspective on Impact Evaluation - Helen Kezie-Nwoha (1.9 MB)

Enjeux et défis de l’évaluation d’impact en Afrique : Cas d’une évaluation réalisée au Bénin - Serge DJOSSA ADOUN and Marie GERVAIS (2.2 MB)

Room - Osiris (19.3)

The Road to Capacity Building for Impact Evaluation: A Showcase from the MENA Region - Ziad Moussa (3.7 MB)

How M&E is 'Perceived' and 'Applied' in MENA? - Doha Abdelhamid (151.5 KB)

Room –Teeba (4.1)

Evaluation of the adoption and impact of new varieties of sesame and groundnuts in Tanzania - Deogratias Lwezaura (1.6 MB)

Presentation on Agricultural Research in Arabic (48.0 KB)

Workshop materials

Sunday March 29

W1. Making evaluations matter:  Ten evaluation concepts that will help you become a better evaluator
Sanjeev Sridharan
(Centre for Research on Inner City Health)
 Benita van Wyk
(Feedback Research & Analytics)

W2. Randomized Evaluation Workshop (287.6 KB)
Rebecca Thornton
Luc Behaghel
Annie Duflo
Kamilla Gumede
William Pariente
Elise Huiller
(J-PAL affiliates)

W3. Using realist evaluation and realist synthesis for impact evaluation (2.3 MB)
Patricia Rogers

W4. Facilitating a theory of change as a comprehensive learning framework for participatory impact planning, evaluation and learning (IPEL) in complex change processes
Andre Proctor
Munyaradzi Saruchera
Natalia Kiryttopoulou

W5. Real World Evaluation: Practical tips for doing evaluations as well as possible in spite of budget, time, data and political constraints (242.2 KB)
Jim Rugh
(Independent Consultant, USA)

W6. Monitoring? Evaluation? Impact Evaluation? Appreciating and Taking Advantage of the Differences (962.2 KB)
Burt Perrin
(Independent Consultant, Canada)

W7. Learning with constituents: building reflection and dialogue into the rhythms of the organisation, constituency feedback and theory of public reporting (731.4 KB)

Monday March 30

W8. Ten Steps To A Results Monitoring and Evaluation System To Achieve Development Impact (172.5 KB)
Jody Kusek IDEAS/World Bank

W9a. An Introduction to the History, Logic, and Processes of Systematic Reviewing and Meta-Analysis                      
Part 1*  Jeff Valentine (Campbell Collaboration)

W10. Challenges in Agricultural Development for Impact Evaluation (2.0 MB)
Lawrence Haddad (IDS)
Peter Taylor (IDS)
Edoardo Masset (IDS)
Alex Jacobs (Keystone Accountability)

W11. Impact Evaluation for Development Effectiveness
Sanjeev Khagram (iScale)
Zenda Ofir (Evalnet)
Andre Proctor (Keystone)
Patricia Rogers (CIRCLE/RMIT)

W12. For whom and why do we conduct evaluation? Some tips to improve the potential influence of evaluation (35.3 KB)
Marie Gervais (Université Laval)

W13. Most significant change technique (1.3 MB)
Jess Dart (Clear Horizon)

W14. Quasi-experimental approaches to attribution analysis (1.2 MB)
Sebastian Martinez (World Bank)

W15. Designing a contribution analysis for assessing expected impacts (2.1 MB)
Eric Monnier   (Geneva University)
Laurent Raffier (Consultant)

Tuesday March 31

W16. NONIE Workshop: More and better impact evaluation for learning what works in raising agricultural productivity – Problem solving session to address knowledge gaps (254.2 KB)
Ximena Del Carpio (World Bank)
Paul Gertler (UC Berkeley)
Máximo Torero (IFPRI)

W17. Designing and Implementing Household Surveys (18.8 MB)
Kathleen Beegle,
Kinnon Scott
(LSMS team/ World Bank)

W18. Mixed methods and social transformation (1.1 MB)
Donna Mertens (Gallaudet University) and Bagele Chilisa (University of Botswana)

W19. Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (1.0 MB)
Bernard Gauthier (HEC Monreal/World Bank)

W20. Designing theory-based impact evaluations (633.9 KB)
Howard White (3ie)

W21. Mixed methods in impact evaluation (1.8 MB)
Jennifer Greene (University of Illinois)

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