What Works Global Summit (WWGS) 2016

The What Works Global Summit (WWGS)

The What Works Global Summit is one of the biggest global conferences on evidence which brings together experts from across the world to talk about their experience in using evidence in formulating better policies. 

The complete programmes for the What Works Global Summit 2016 and the pre-summit workshops are now available to download on the conference website
A large number of interesting topics will be presented at these events, which run from 24 September (pre-summit workshops) to 28 September. There are many sessions that will discuss new evidence and global experiences in the use of generated evidence, best practices in knowledge translation, and improved institutional approaches to producing and using evidence.  WWGS will host policymakers, programme managers and researchers from over 25 countries. Sessions organised will span a wide range of sectors including child and social welfare, education, health, humanitarian aid, crime and justice, environment and climate change and gender. There are also sessions on research and review methods.


Is there a magic bullet for achieving quality education for all? A systematic review of the evidence

3ie launched its policymaker-friendly systematic review summary report on education effectiveness at WWGS 2016 on 27 September 2016.

We will shortly make the video recording of the event available.

For a quick round-up of the conversations and buzz around the event, click here.

WWGS 2016: Round-up of panels,sessions and workshops

Catch up on all the action from workshops and conference at the What Works Global Summit in London.

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3ie workshops at WWGS 2016

Saturday 24 September
Session Venue Timing Panelist
Workshop 3: Ethical issues in evaluation Boardroom, Woburn House 9:00- 10:30 am Beryl Leach, Emma Gallagher and Deo Houndolo Gracias, 3ie
Workshop 6: Assessing the demand for evidence through scoping work Prince’s Room, BMA 9.00 – 10.30 am Kristen Rankin, Shayda Sabet and Jennifer Ludwig, 3ie,
Workshop 12: Monitoring and measuring evidence uptake and use Boardroom, Woburn House 13:30-17:00 pm Beryl Leach and Stuti Tripathi, 3ie
Sunday 25 September
Workshop 21: Critical appraisal of impact evidence Prince’s Room, BMA 9:00-17:00 Jeff Valentine, University of Louisville and Hugh Waddington, 3ie
Workshop 23: Undertaking impact evaluations in the humanitarian sector Paget Room, BMA 9:00- 17:00 Jo Puri, Deo-Gracias Houndolo and Tara Kaul, 3ie
Workshop 24: Verifying the next big idea: replication’s role in development policy making Boardroom, Woburn House 11am to 12.30pm Ben Wood, 3ie, USA

3ie panels and sessions at WWGS 2016

Session Venue Timing Panelists
Monday 26 September
PS 3.3: Strengthening the evidence movement in the humanitarian sector George Fox, Friends House 15:30 to 17:00 Jo Puri, 3ie ,Dr Eleanor Ott, Humanitarian Evidence Programme and Communications Manager, Oxfam, Dr Jeannie Annan, Senior Director of Research, Evaluation, and Learning, the International Rescue Committee (IRC)
PS 3.16.3: Is impact evaluation still on the rise? Recent trends in the evidence base for development Room BO4, Birbeck College 15:30 – 17:00 Jorge Miranda, Shayda Sabet, 3ie, Annette N.Brown, FHI 360
Tuesday 27 September
PS 5.7: Ethics on evaluation Meeting Rooms 1&2, Woburn House 11:00 – 12:30 pm Chair: David Myers, AIR, Penny Hawkins, DfID, Roxanne Krystalli, programme manager, Feinstein International Centre, Tufts University, Beryl Leach, Deo-Gracias Houndolo, Emma Gallagher, 3ie
PS 6.11: The role of replication in strengthening evidence for policy: Community-based monitoring of health systems Upper Meeting Room, LIDC 13:30 – 15:00 Benjamin D.K. Wood, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, Annette N. Brown, FHI 360, Katherine Donato, Harvard University, Pia Raffler, Yale University, Doug Parkerson, Innovations for Poverty Action (TBC)
Wednesday 28 September
PS 9.10: Whose minimum detectable effect matters to evaluate the impact of government programmes? Harvey Room, BMA House 10.45am to 12pm Chair: Nikola Balvin, UNICEF, Italy; Presenters: Jyotsna Puri, 3ie, India; Santhosh Mathew, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, India; DeoGracias Houndolo, 3ie, Benin; Ian Goldman, DPME, South Africa; Laura Poswell (Executive Director – JPAL Africa)
PS 9.11: Pushing the frontiers of impact evaluations: evaluating the less evaluated Upper Meeting Room, LIDC 10:45 to 12:00 Tara Kaul, Francis Rathinam, 3ie, Marzia Lazzerini, Director, WHO Collaborating Centre for Maternal and Child Health, Trieste, Italy
PS 9.15: Promoting Agriculture innovation: the role of impact evaluations Room BO2, Birbeck College 10:45 – 12:00 Jyotsna Puri, 3ie, India, Emilia Tjernström, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Alex Nawar, IPA,USA, David Ameyaw, AGRA, Kenya, Diana Lopez-Avila, 3ie, India

For detailed information about 3ie sessions and workshops at the WWGS 2016, please click here


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Emmanuel Jimenez, executive director, 3ie talks on what to watch out for at WWGS 2016



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