Promoting filtered water delivery in rural Bihar

Speaker: Drew Cameron, UC Berkeley School of Public Health
Chair: Neeta Goel, senior evaluation specialist, 3ie
Discussants: V.K Madhavan, chief executive, WaterAid India

Date: 14 August 2018
Time: 3.00pm-5.00pm
Venue: Seminar Hall 3, Kamala Devi Complex, India International Centre, New Delhi

Providing safe drinking water to millions of India’s rural people remains a challenge despite progress made in the last few decades. The rapid rise in the extraction of groundwater has led to the depletion of water resources. With a number of regions facing acute water crises, ensuring sustainable groundwater use is a key focus of many programmes. Drew Cameron will cover the study design and formative results of a cluster randomised evaluation that aims to identify the impacts of a novel potable water delivery service in rural Bihar. Sanitation Health Rights for India is leading an intervention to reduce the consumption of untreated shallow well water by increasing uptake and continued delivery of twenty-litre portable water jugs to low-income households. The study design also allows researchers to examine the potential impact of health product subsidies on anchoring and learning effects among beneficiaries.

About the speaker

Drew Cameron is in the 4th year of a PhD in Health Policy at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health in California.. His research focuses on rigorous evaluation and cost-effectiveness of public health programming in sectors such as water, sanitation and hygiene and early child development. Prior to beginning his doctoral studies, Drew was an evaluation specialist at 3ie. He holds a master's degree in international development from the School of International Service at American University.

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