Humanitarian Assistance Thematic Window Workshop

3ie, in collaboration with The UK Department for International Development and the United States Agency for International Development, hosted a workshop on Evaluating the impact of humanitarian interventions: scope, methods and findings. 

The workshop was held on 21 March 2014, in London.

The meeting introduced 3ie’s new Humanitarian Assistance Thematic Window which will be launched soon. The 3ie led consortium of partners which included researchers from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and Evidence Aid presented main findings from a scoping and methods papers prepared for the window. 

Participants at the workshop gave feedback and discussed ways to promote the agenda for the greater and more effective use of impact evaluations in the humanitarian assistance sector. They also emphasised the need for principles for impact evaluations in the humanitarian context. 

View Agenda of the workshop (197.7 KB)  and the  list of participants at the workshop (181.3 KB)

Read   Highlights from the workshop (119.6 KB)

Read an executive summary of a report on Scope and methods of impact evaluation in humanitarian assistance (316.9 KB)

Read Principles for the impact evaluation of humanitarian assistance (136.0 KB)

Key issues addressed at the workshop

  • What is an impact evaluation? Why is it important? Can it be applied in the humanitarian sector? 
  • Who has been conducting impact evaluations in the humanitarian sector? How have they done them and what have they found? 
  • What are the most appropriate approaches to establishing the impact of humanitarian assistance? What questions can impact studies answer? 
  • What issues arise in the field in conducting impact evaluations of humanitarian assistance? 

Presentations at the workshop

Impact evaluation of humanitarian interventions (853.0 KB)
Howard White, Executive Director, 3ie

A systematic review of the evidence base for health interventions in humanitarian crises (591.9 KB)
Bayard Roberts, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Impact evaluations of humanitarian interventions in action (301.1 KB)
Mike Clarke, Co-founder and Director, Evidence Aid

Assessing impact of humanitarian relief assistance: a challenge and an opportunity (1.6 MB)
Jyotsna Puri, Deputy Executive Director and Head of Evaluation, 3ie and Tilman Bruck, Director, SIPRI

© Tim McKulka/UN Photo

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