3ie at IAS 2017

Evaluating the impact of HIV self-test availability on testing uptake: results from Uganda, Zambia and Kenya

Satellite session
Monday, 24 July, 18:30-20:30 
Room 251, Palais des Congrès

3ie funded pilot interventions on HIV self-testing and their rigorous impact evaluations in Uganda, Zambia and Kenya. Researchers presented results from the evaluations on the effectiveness of these approaches:

  • Advertising the availability of HIV self-tests to truck drivers;
  • Distributing HIV self-test kits at antenatal care clinics for women to share with their family members, including their male partner; and
  • Distributing HIV self-test kits to female sex workers and door-to-door home-based testing with an option for self-testing with a provider, for self-testing later, or self-testing for those not present in the home.

The presentations was followed by a moderated Q&A session. The session was well attended, with about 100 participants, including 3ie grantees and the permanent secretary from Zambia’s health ministry.


3ie at IAS 2017 conference, 23-26 July, Paris

3ie’s contributions to HIV science was well noticed in a satellite session on evaluating the impact of HIV self-test availability on the testing uptake, focusing on the evidence from 3ie-supported studies in Uganda, Zambia and Kenya. The session was well attended, with about 100 participants, including 3ie grantees and the permanent secretary from Zambia’s health ministry. 3ie’s studies received press coverage; including recognition in the conference newsletter. 

To view a compilation of all the coverage view the storify below.

Presentations on 3ie-supported studies

These presentations are based on studies that were either fully or partially funded by 3ie. For detailed listing of the sessions, types, timings and venues, please click here.

Title: HIV self-testing among female sex workers in Zambia
Presenter: Catherine Oldenburg, University of California, San Francisco
Session: Just do it yourself: preferences and performances of HIV self-testing

Read the abstract here.

Title: Increasing knowledge of HIV status among men: a cluster-randomised trial of community-based distribution of oral HIV self-test kits nested in four HPTN 071 communities in Zambia
Presenter: Helen Ayles, Zambart
Session: Prevention: it's not just about PrEP

Read the abstract here

Title: HPTN 071 (PopART): Cross-disciplinary approaches to understand successes and challenges of implementing a community-wide universal test and treat programme in Sub-Saharan Africa

Poster presentations

Information about the poster discussion and poster exhibition abstracts will be available after 10:00 am CEST on Monday, 24 July 2017. Please check the conference website for updates.

Click here to access the final reports of 3ie-supported impact evaluations under the HIV Self-Testing thematic window​.

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