Access to health: How to reduce child and maternal mortality?

June 1, 2010
Health Nutrition and Population
South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa (includes East and West Africa), Latin America and the Caribbean


3ie Brief No. 14, June 2010

Systematic reviews show that access to community-based health services reduces neonatal mortality and still births, but t he effect on maternal mortality is harder to detect.

However, the evidence so fr has come from small sample size studies, mainly conducted in Asia and with very little information from Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Only a few studies assess Maternal Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) services at the community level, and focus on interventions at the level of
primary care.

More large scale research factoring in specific contexts is particularly needed. Additional investigation on the cost-effectiveness of health services is also required and will help in promoting and scaling up community-based interventions for maternal and newborn care.


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