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3ie is a global leader in advancing and developing evidence gap maps (EGMs). These maps help inform and improve research investments and identify evidence for programming decision-making. In addition to pioneering the EGM methodology, we have developed the first and most accessible online platform for displaying map information in an interactive format. 

Our online map platform is now available to qualified users.  They will be able to offer their mapping information using the same features as 3ie online maps. 

Using the platform

The 3ie EGM platform is available at no charge to approved users under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Click here for FAQs about how the process works. You can download the platform guide here. To gain access, we will need you to fill out some brief information on our agreement form:

  • Full name of your organisation and proof of your non-profit status;
  • Details about your organisation’s work in international development, or more broadly towards equitable sustainable development goals, alternatively you can provide us with the link to your website;
  • A brief description (200 words) of your intended uses for your online map; and
  • Explain where you intend to post your map online.

Please submit you forms to


3ie recognises that reducing poverty and promoting equitable, inclusive and sustainable development are goals that cut across countries and sectors not necessarily associated specifically with international development.  We will evaluate each application based on how the proposed use fits within these broad commitments.  We envision potential users to include anyone who wants to search for and understand what evidence exists (as they have defined it) and where there are gaps.

3ie does not accept responsibility for any errors that may occur and will not provide any technical support in map building or in using the platform.  We will address technical bugs in the platform when they are brought to our attention.  Users are not able to modify the design or functionality of the platform. However, we are currently working on an upgrade to the platform, so if you have suggestions for changes in designs or functionality please send these to

Supporting documents

3ie evidence gap maps platform guide (182.3 KB)

3ie EGM platform sharing FAQ (73.7 KB)

3ie EGM online platform user request and agreement (114.1 KB)

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