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Impact Evaluations

RIEPS (Register of Impact Evaluation Published Studies) is designed to comprehensively index impact evaluations conducted in low- and middle- income countries

It covers published studies from over 45 databases, search engines, journal collections, and websites. RIEPS is an essential resource for policymakers and researchers who are looking for evidence on what works in designing and implementing impact evaluations of international development programmes. The register currently features 709 records (transferred from the old IE Database) and is constantly growing.

RIEPS is updated with new records every 6 months through a rigorous identification process from a wide variety of resources, and screened according to 3ie’s RIEPS Protocol. By the summer of 2013 the first full round of RIEPS searching will be complete. Studies included in RIEPS must address the counterfactual – what would happen to the beneficiary population in the absence of the program – using a variety of impact evaluation methods. Custom summaries by 3ie technical staff include study details (location, sector, status, etc.), methodology, and main findings.

Learn more about 3ie’s new identification process here: 3ie RIEPS Protocol Working Paper (2.7 MB)

Additional suggestions for studies to be included in this database can be sent to database(at)3ieimpact.org

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