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    Published Working Paper

    Impact Evaluation of a Large-Scale Rural Sanitation Project in Indonesia

    Lisa Cameron, Manisha Shah, Susan Olivia
    Health Nutrition and Population, Water and Sanitation, Preventive Health and Health Behavior, Specific Diseases- including Malaria TB, Rural Water and Sanitation
    East Asia and Pacific (includes South East Asia)
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    3ie Final Grantee Report

    Chlorine Dispensers in Kenya: Scaling for Results

    Vivian Hoffmann, Amrita Ahuja, Michael Kremer, Fabian Omoding Esamai, Edward Miguel and Clair Null
    Water and Sanitation, Rural Water and Sanitation
    Sub-Saharan Africa (includes East and West Africa)
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    Journal Article

    Evaluating the Impact of Egyptian Social Fund for Development Programs

    Hala Abou-Ali, Hesham El-Azony, Heba El-Laithy, Jonathan Haughton and Shahidur R. Khandker
    Agriculture and Rural Development, Education, Health Nutrition and Population, Multisector, Social Protection, Water and Sanitation, Rural Roads, Nutrition, Social Funds
    Middle East and North Africa
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