Timing of Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV-1 Infection and Tuberculosis

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Available from: The New England Journal of Medicine 2011 Oct 20; 365(16): 1482–1491. doi:  10.1056/NEJMoa1013607

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Diane V. Havlir, Michelle A. Kendall, Prudence Ive, Johnstone Kumwenda, Susan Swindells, Sarojini S. Qasba, Anne F. Luetkemeyer, Evelyn Hogg, James F. Rooney, Xingye Wu, Mina C. Hosseinipour, Umesh Lalloo, Valdilea G. Veloso, Fatuma F. Some, N. Kumarasamy, Nesri Padayatchi, Breno R. Santos, Stewart Reid, James Hakim, Lerato Mohapi, Peter Mugyenyi, Jorge Sanchez, Javier R. Lama, Jean W. Pape, Alejandro Sanchez, Aida Asmelash, Evans Moko, Fred Sawe, Janet Andersen and Ian Sanne, Peterman
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Botswana, Brazil, Haiti, India, Kenya, Malawi, Peru, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa (includes East and West Africa), Latin America and the Caribbean
Health Nutrition and Population
HIV and AIDS, Specific Diseases- including Malaria TB
HIV and AIDS, Specific Diseases- including Malaria TB
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Sexual minorities
Evaluation design
Randomised Control Trials (RCT)
Journal Article
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