What do Community-Based Dengue Control Programmes Achieve? A Systematic Review of Published Evaluations

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Heintze, C., Velasco Garrido, M, and Kroeger, A. (2007) What do community-based dengue control programmes achieve? A systematic review of published evaluations. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 101 (4), pp. 317-325.

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C. Heintze, M. Velasco Garrido, A. Kroeger
South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean
Water and Sanitation, Health Nutrition and Population
Preventive Health and Health Behavior, Rural Water and Sanitation
Equity Focus
Review Type
Effectiveness review

Quality assessment

The review has clear inclusion criteria and clearly reports the characteristics and results of included studies. However, there are some limitations. The search is limited to four databases only and authors do not state whether there was independent screening at full text. While they assess quality of the included studies and report results by these quality ratings, the criteria they use are focused on study design and reporting quality, omitting some key sources of bias.

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