How Do Long-fallow Swidden Systems Impact Upon Livelihood and Ecosystem Services Outcomes Compared with Alternative Land Uses in the Uplands of Southeast Asia?

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Dressler W, Wilson D, Clendenning J, Cramb R, Mahanty S, Lasco R, Keenan R, To P and Gevana. 2015. Examining how long fallow swidden systems impact upon livelihood and ecosystem services outcomes compared with alternative land-uses in the uplands of Southeast Asia. Working Paper 174. Bogor, Indonesia: CIFOR.
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Wolfram Dressler, David Wilson, Jessica Clendenning, Rob Cramb, Sango Mahanty, Rodel Lasco, Rodney Keenan, Phuc To and Dixon Gevana
East Asia and Pacific (includes South East Asia)
Agriculture and Rural Development, Education
Agricultural Credit, Agricultural Extension, Vocational/ Technical Education & Training
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None specified
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Effectiveness review

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