Intervenciones Aleatorias Controladas Basadas en las Escuelas para Prevenir la de 2006 a 2009

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Pérez-Morales, M.E., Bacardí-Gascón, M., Jiménez-Cruz, A., and Armendáriz-Anguiano (2009) Intervenciones aleatorias controladas basadas en las escuelas para prevenir la obesidad infantil: revisión sistemática de 2006 a 2009. Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición, 59 (3). Link to Source
M.E. Pérez-Morales, M. Bacardí-Gascón, A. Jiménez-Cruz y A. Armendáriz-Anguiano
Europe and CIS, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America
Health Nutrition and Population
Child Nutrition, Nutrition, Preventive Health and Health Behavior
Equity Focus
Review Type
Effectiveness review

Quality assessment

The authors provide succinct descriptions of each study and provide useful information about study design, outcomes and limitations that may affect the outcomes, and factors that may affect the generalisability of the results to other settings. However, the systematic review has some major limitations. The search period was very brief (2006-2009) and the authors only included studies in Spanish or English. Though study risk of bias was assessed by two independent reviewers, it is unclear how screening and data extraction is undertaken. Furthermore, the risk of bias for each included study is not clearly reported. The authors rely primarily on discussions of statistical significance, it is not clear that they are systematically reporting all assessed relevant outcomes, and they do not provide any detailed analysis of why findings differed between studies.

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