Systematic Review of the Evidence on the Effectiveness of Sexual and Reproductive Health Interventions in Humanitarian Crises

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Warren, E., Post, N., Hossain, M., Blanchet, K., and Roberts, B. (2015) Systematic review of the evidence on the effectiveness of sexual and reproductive health interventions in humanitarian crises. BMJ Open: 5: e008226.

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Emily Warren, Nathan Post, Mazeda Hossain, Karl Blanchet, Bayard Roberts
South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa
Environment and Disaster Management, Health Nutrition and Population
Disaster Relief, Preventive Health and Health Behavior, Primary Health- including reproductive health, Sexual Behavior
Equity Focus
Review Type
Effectiveness review

Quality assessment

The authors follow established review procedures and conduct an extensive search that includes both published and unpublished literature. A particular strength to the review is the clear and thorough presentation of study characteristics and findings. Given the heterogeneity of included studies, the authors synthesise studies narratively. The review has some limitations. Firstly, the authors limited eligible studies to those reported in French or English. Secondly, they use of the STROBE and CONSORT checklists to assess quality of reporting rather than risk of bias. Nevertheless, the review still provides a fairly thorough and transparent critical appraisal of the evidence.

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