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3ie funds impact evaluations and systematic reviews of social and economic development interventions in low-and middle-income countries.

We offer different kinds of grant windows to fund research that helps us build a body of evidence and understand what works, why and under what circumstances in particular sectors and sub-sectors.

Ongoing calls

Thematic Window HIV Self-Testing, Zambia: 3ie requests proposals to conduct a formative research study related to the design, implementation and evaluation of interventions using HIV self-tests in Zambia. Click here to read more.

Policy Window 3: BOAD's regional food security programme: 3ie seeks applications for grants to prepare proposals for rigorous impact evaluations of the West African Development Bank’s regional food security programme, Programme Spécial Sécurité Alimentaire. Click here to read more.

Replication Window 3: HIV Prevention: We are inviting expressions of interest from researchers to conduct internal replications of influential, innovative, or controversial impact evaluations of biomedical, behavioural, social and structural HIV prevention interventions. Click here to read more.

Thematic Window Integration of HIV Services: 3ie requests proposals from organisations to implement pilot interventions that integrate HIV services with other health services in Sub-Saharan Africa and conduct impact evaluations of those innovative programmes. Click here to read more.

Open window

The open window funds quality impact evaluations of socio-economic development interventions in any sector.


Thematic Window

The Thematic Window funds studies in a particular sector or sub-sector and addresses a particular question or a set of ...


Policy window

The policy window funds impact evaluations commissioned by policymakers and programme managers who implement development interventions.


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