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Development Priorities Window

These were the key documents for the application process. Please note all EOI submissions should have been made using 3ie’s online Grant Management System only, not by any other means. 

This call is now closed. The deadline for submitting EOIs was 18:00 Indian Standard Time, 18 January 2016.

Application process

  1. Read the key documents, 3ie’s policy documents and grant agreement below. 
  2. The deadline for submission of an EOI was 18:00 Indian Standard Time, 18 January 2016. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.
  3. All EOI submissions should have been made using 3ie’s online Grant Management System only, not by any other means. 
  4. If the expression of interest is accepted, submission for full proposal will be solicited. The deadline for submitting full impact evaluation proposals is 18:00 Indian Standard Time on 12 May 2016. The provisional template for the full proposal is available below.

    Please note that an invitation to submit a full proposal is not a guarantee of an award.

Review process

  1. All EOIs will be reviewed by 3ie. All applicants will be provided comments on their EOI applications.
  2. If an EOI is selected for the second phase, they will be invited to submit a full proposal. All full proposals will be first reviewed by at least one internal 3ie reviewer and two independent external reviewers. Subsequently, a selection panel will work with 3ie to select the final list of provisional awards. 
  3. Final awards will be made after approval by the 3ie Board of Commissioners.

For more information on the review process and the review criteria, read the call for expressions of interest.

Award notification

Successful full proposal applicants will be notified in July 2016. For further clarifications, please read the DPW1 FAQ document and the Q&A document.

Key documents and web links

Call for expressions of interest (265.8 KB)

Grant Management System 

Sample EOI application form (for reference only) (186.6 KB)

3ie budget template (341.0 KB)

DPW1 full proposal template (458.5 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions (310.6 KB)

Q&A Document (309.3 KB)

Here are the relevant documents you will need when filling out the stakeholder engagement and evidence uptake plan (SEEP). The SEEP template and other associated documents have been updated as of 20 October 2016. This is the final version to be used for DPW impact evaluation grants.

3ie SEEP template (383.5 KB)

3ie SEEP Appendix 1: Worksheet for stakeholder mapping and analysis (398.0 KB)

3ie SEEP Appendix 2: Indicators for evidence engagement uptake and use (350.0 KB)

3ie SEEP Appendix 3: SEEP progress report (357.4 KB)

3ie policy documents

3ie principles for impact evaluation (283.6 KB)

3ie indirect cost policy (208.8 KB)

3ie direct cost policy (231.0 KB)

3ie human subjects policy (182.5 KB)

3ie publication release policy (162.7 KB)

Deliverables and disbursement schedule (242.3 KB)

3ie contract template

3ie grant agreement (439.0 KB)

Sample full impact evaluation proposals

Please note that these are sample full impact evaluation proposals that are being made available for your reference only. The full impact evaluation proposal template is subject to change and will be modified for proposals submitted under the Development Priorities Window.

From Open Window 4:

To formalize, or not to formalize, that is the question (708.9 KB)  (Please do not cite. For reference only.)

From Open Window 4:

Demand Driven Evaluation to Improve Bihar's Integrated Child Development Services (717.0 KB)  (Please do not cite. For reference only.)

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