Access to Sustainable Domestic Fuel in Senegal

3ie requested research organisations or consortia to submit qualifications for a proposal preparation grant to evaluate the impact of household’s access to sustainable domestic fuel programme implemented by the Government of Senegal.

To improve household access to sustainable domestic fuel, the Government of Senegal has launched improved cook stoves and biofuel projects as part of the Programme pour la Promotion des Energies Renouveanbles (PERACOD) and Projet de Gestion Durable et Participative des Energies Traditionnelles de Substitution (PROGEDE) programme. This study will evaluate the impact of these interventions on rural households and the environment. 

For more information, please read the  Request for Qualifications(RFQ) (142.6 KB)

Une version francaise de l’appel à candidature est également disponible  Request for Qualifications (Francaise) (290.3 KB)

This call is now closed. The deadline for this call was 23:59 GMT, 14 July 2015.

3ie did not receive any queries related to this call by 15 June which is why a Q&A document has not been made available on this page.

Please direct any questions related to this RFQ to mentioning ‘Senegal energy’ in the subject line.

All key documents for the application process were available on the How to Apply page.

At a glance

  • Only legally registered organisations and consortia of registered organisations, not individuals, could apply. 
  • This was a request for qualifications to prepare an impact evaluation design, not to submit a design.
  • This call is in two phases. In the first phase, a proposal preparation grant will be awarded.
  • Proposals received in the first phase will reviewed and scored according to 3ie’s selection criteria and will be considered for full impact evaluation grants in the second phase. 
  • A preparation grant of up to US$20,000 will be made to the qualifying research team. 
  • The lead grant-holding organisation could be located anywhere in the world. 
  • The research team should, however, include at least one national who is a resident of Senegal as a principal investigator with a substantive role in designing the impact evaluation.
  • Applicants must have advanced proficiency in French.


The Ministry of Energy, Government of Senegal, is running two development programmes to promote access to sustainable domestic fuel -- the Programme pour la Promotion des Energies Renouveanbles (PERACOD) and the Projet de Gestion Durable et Participative des Energies Traditionnelles de Substitution (PROGEDE) programme.

PERACOD was built to develop a sustainable and autonomous market for high quality improved cook stoves, while the objective of PROGEDE is to increase the availability of diversified domestic fuel in a sustainable manner. Hence, PERACOD has developed a project, Foyers Améliorés Sénégal (FASEN), to discourage households from using firewood and create a sustainable market to improve household’s access to improved cook stoves. Since it started in 2006, FASEN has promoted three major types of improved cook stoves: Jambar, Sakkanal and Éclair.

PROGEDE has contributed to the development of a biofuel project that consists of producing biogas in households using a simple technology (digester de biogas) that uses cow dung.

How to apply

This call is now closed. For more information about this call, please read the RFQ and visit the How to Apply page to view the key documents required for the application process.

3ie’s Policy Window Three

3ie’s Policy Window 3 funds high-quality, mixed-methods impact evaluations commissioned by a 3ie member organisation to answer questions about the attributable impact of interventions they implement. 3ie promotes theory-based impact evaluations that make use of an experimental or quasi-experimental counterfactual to examine the full programme causal chain to answer questions about what works, why, how and at what cost.


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