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Replication Window

3ie's Replication Programme has awarded five preliminary replication grants from its second Replication Window.

Find out who has won the grants by visiting the Replication Window 2 Award Winners page.

The Replication Programme aims to improve the quality of impact evaluation evidence used for policymaking. This programme funds replications of influential, innovative and controversial impact evaluations.

At a glance

The primary objective of the replication programme is to improve the quality of evidence available for development policymaking and programme design.

More specifically, the replication programme seeks to:

  • Verify the findings, and examine the robustness of findings, in selected influential, innovative, or controversial impact evaluations of development interventions;
  • Improve the incentives of researchers to conduct careful and responsible data analysis.

Accepted replications will be published on the 3ie website through the working paper series.

Application process

3ie's second Replication Window is now closed for applications.

We had invited applications for replications of influential, innovative and controversial impact evaluations from its Candidate List

For a more detailed overview of the application process, see the complete Request for Proposals.

Review process

Replication applications are scored by at least one internal 3ie reviewer as well as least two external reviewers.

For general clarifications, see the Replication Programme's FAQ from our previous Replication Window

To read more about the awards made through the first Replication Window, click here.


Request for Proposals (361.0 KB)

Replication Window 2 Request for Proposals (361.0 KB)

3ie’s Practical Guidelines to Replication of Impact Evaluations (298.6 KB)

Candidate studies list

3ie Replication Individual Consulting Contract (364.5 KB)

3ie Replication Institutional Contract (371.7 KB)

3ie Replication Window2 Consultant Budget Template (277.3 KB)

3ie Replication Window2 Institutions Budget Template (281.3 KB)