3ie Systematic Review Call 5

3ie’s Systematic Review Call 5 is funding 8 systematic reviews.

3ie along with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID),  is pleased to announce provisional awards for 8 systematic reviews that investigate key policy relevant questions.

The questions examine the impact of development interventions in many areas including agriculture, education, energy, business support for small and medium enterprise, youth gang violence and conflict resolution.

The funded reviews

CIDA funded reviews

  • What is the effectiveness of agriculture interventions (e.g. training in entrepreneurship, micro-credit, extension, access to finance and insurance, etc.) on agricultural investment, yields, and income for smallholder farmers in Africa, and young smallholder farmers in particular? Which interventions are the most effective? 
  • What are the impacts of business support services for small and medium enterprises on firm productivity, associated rates of employment and employment income in developing countries? How applicable is this evidence to countries in Africa? 
  • What are the impacts of interventions to improve labor market outcomes of youth (such as entrepreneurship promotion, employment services, mentoring, subsidized employment)? How applicable is this evidence to countries in Africa? Which of these interventions are the most effective? 
  • What is the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of interventions to increase access to electricity in developing countries? Do the findings differ for rural and hard-to-reach areas? 

3ie funded reviews

  • What are the impacts of agricultural input subsidies on productivity, farm incomes, consumer welfare and wider growth in low- and middle- income countries? 

USAID funded reviews

  • Youth gang violence in developing countries: a systematic review of the predictors of participation and the effectiveness of interventions to reduce involvement. 
  • Effectiveness of parental, familial and community support for student learning outcomes in developing countries

Focus of 3ie Systematic Reviews Call 5

For this call, 3ie in partnership with CIDA, USAID, and MCC developed 15 proposed systematic review questions. These questions were in the areas of agriculture, infrastructure, business development, governance and education interventions.

Read Request for Proposals (337.6 KB)
Read List of questions (92.2 KB)

Key documents and guidelines for grantees

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