How to Apply

Here are instructions on how to apply to 3ie’s Systematic Review Call 6.

Step 1: Read the guidance documents available on this webpage

Step 2: Log in to the 3ie Online Application System

Step 3: Complete the application form

Step 4: Submit your application using the Online Application System

In case of queries, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Queries that are unanswered can be sent to with ‘Systematic reviews call 6’ in the subject line.

Guidance documents

These documents are useful in the preparation of your application.

Key documents

Request for proposals (341.5 KB)

Sample application form* (140.3 KB)

*Please note that the sample application form is meant only to provide an indication of the format


3ie direct policy (254.0 KB)

3ie indirect policy (63.2 KB)

3ie grantee reporting requirements (139.9 KB)

IDCG advisory group guidance (168.7 KB)

Contract templates

Grant agreement template (307.7 KB)

Budget template (241.5 KB)

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