The Vaccine Indicator and Reminder band, Pakistan

The Vaccine Indicator and Reminder (VIR) band: providing innovative reminder bands to newborns through community health workers for improving vaccination initiation and completion in Pakistan

Principal investigators: Noor Sabah and Peter Gilan 
Research organisation: Trust for Vaccines and Immunization

The study will assess the effect of encouraging community engagement and mobilisation for the distribution of VIR bands to infants. The VIR band is a low-cost, durable, wearable ankle band that contains a hardcopy of the vaccination record of the child. The built-in reminder system on the band gives visual cues for vaccination due dates to the parents. For this study, a total of 500 VIR bands will be distributed to infants through community midwives and health workers. The health workers will be provided the VIR band at a minimum cost of 50 Pakistan Rupees which will be reimbursed when an infant or child visits the vaccination centre wearing the VIR band. The intervention will use cellphone messaging services to communicate participant details to the study team. Once the VIR band is activated, the records will be systematically updated. The duration of the study is 18 weeks and will be carried out with 376 infants.

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