Vaccine Indicator and Reminder band, Nigeria

Community distribution of the Vaccine Indicator and Reminder (VIR) band to improve vaccine initiation and completion in Nigeria: formative study of acceptability and feasibility

Principal investigators: Sachiko Ozawa, Noor Rakshani, Jamila Bello-Malabu, Chizoba Wonodi, Chhhinedu Chugbo 
Research organisation: Health Strategy and Delivery Foundation, Nigeria

The study will assess the feasibility of community-based distribution of VIR bands to infants. The VIR band is a low-cost, durable, wearable ankle band that contains a hardcopy of the vaccination record of the infant or child. The built-in reminder system on the band serves to give visual cues for vaccination due dates to the parents. To reach out to infants and children who are born outside a health facility, the VIR band will be distributed to all eligible infants in the community using trained traditional birth attendants and village health workers. Trained health workers will activate the VIR band when the infant or child is taken to a health facility to initiate vaccinations. The duration of the study is 18 weeks and will be carried out in the Kebbi state in north-western Nigeria.

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