3ie Evidence gap map report 7

State-society relations in low- and middle-income countries: an evidence gap map

3ie Evidence gapmap report 7, 2017

This report presents the findings of an evidence gap map that identifies the evidence on the effects of interventions that seek to improve state-society relations. An increasing number of systematic reviews and impact evaluations addressing this topic are being published. However, there remain some clear gaps in the evidence. The spread of studies across countries and geographic regions is uneven. There is limited or no evidence relating to many countries with large populations that face substantial governance challenges. Even where that evidence base is strongest, important policy questions remain. There are a number of interventions for which there is an extensive body of impact evaluations, but are yet to be the subject of a high-quality systematic review. This is particularly true for several interventions designed to enhance the transparency, effectiveness and inclusivity of political and electoral institutions and processes.

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