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3ie Replication Paper Series

The replication paper series (RPS) expands the benefits of 3ie’s replication programme by providing a publication and dissemination outlet for all replication studies of development impact evaluations. 

The RPS publishes online and hard-copy replication studies of impact evaluations in 3ie’s online Impact Evaluation Repository, including replication studies funded by 3ie through the replication windows or produced in-house as well as independently submitted replication studies.

For more information on the guidelines and process for submissions to 3ie’s Replication Paper Series, click here.


The effects of land titling on the urban poor: a replication of property rights for the poor

3ie Replication Paper 9, 2015

In this replication study Cameron et al seek to replicate the results of an influential 2010 study, Property rights for the poor: Effects of land titling by Sebastian Galiani and Ernesto Schargrodsky. The original study evaluated the impact of land titling on poverty reduction through a natural experiment where the government in Buenos Aires, Argentina awarded land titles to squatters living in a poor, urban area. The original authors found that titling substantially increased housing investment. Further, they found that land titling instigated a number of social impacts through a slow channel of increased physical and human capital investment rather than expanded land collateralisation, as commonly assumed.

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