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3ie Replication Paper Series

The replication paper series (RPS) expands the benefits of 3ie’s replication programme by providing a publication and dissemination outlet for all replication studies of development impact evaluations. 

The RPS publishes online and hard-copy replication studies of impact evaluations in 3ie’s online Impact Evaluation Repository, including replication studies funded by 3ie through the replication windows or produced in-house as well as independently submitted replication studies.

For more information on the guidelines and process for submissions to 3ie’s Replication Paper Series, click here.


The long and short of returns to public investments in fifteen Ethiopian villages 

3ie Replication Paper 4, 2015

In this replication study, Bowser re-examines evidence from Dercon et al.’s original study on how public road investments and increases in agricultural extension services can have an impact on poverty and consumption in Ethiopia. The original study, The Impact of Agricultural Extension and Roads on Poverty and Consumption Growth in Fifteen Ethiopian Villages (2009), found that public sector investments increased growth while decreasing poverty.

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