3ie replication paper 3: Part 1 and 2

Reanalysis of health and educational impacts of a school-based deworming program in western Kenya Part 1 and 2: pure replication and alternative analyses

3ie Replication Paper 3: Part 1 and 2, 2014

3ie funded a two-part replication study of Edward Miguel and Michael Kremer’s well-known impact evaluation of a school-based deworming programme in Kenya. The original study, Worms: Identifying Impacts on Education and Health in the Presence of Treatment Externalities (2004), found that deworming has a significant impact on reducing worm infections and increasing school attendance.

The replication study reproduces the econonomists’ analysis from the viewpoint of epidemiology. In part 1, Alexander Aiken, Calum Davey, James Hargreaves and Richard Hayes, present a pure replication that reexamines the coding and methodologies used by the original authors in their publication.

In part 2, Calum Davey, Alexander Aiken, Richard Hayes, and James Hargreaves apply alternative analyses to the original research effort, including testing alternative estimation strategies and an examination of the causal chain to see how the conclusions reached compare with those of the original study.

3ie also invites formal replies from the original authors. These are published on the 3ie website together with the replication study.

Download RPS 3 Part 1 (1.1 MB)

Read Miguel and Kremer’s response to Part 1 (696.3 KB)

Download RPS 3 Part 2 (1.3 MB)

Read Miguel and Kremer’s response to Part 2 (466.6 KB)


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