Systematic reviews and summary reports

3ie systematic reviews examine evidence on social or economic development interventions in low- and middle-income countries. All 3ie-funded systematic reviews are carried out according to recognised international standards.

3ie-funded systematic reviews use rigorous and transparent methods to identify, appraise and synthesise all of the relevant studies to address a specific review question.  Review authors search for published and unpublished studies and use a theory-based approach to say what evidence is generalisable and what is more context-specific. The result is an unbiased assessment of what works, for whom and why. The full reviews are also summarised and published as summary reports and briefs designed for use by decision-makers.

Systematic Reviews

3ie-supported systematic reviews follow scientifically recognised review methods, and are peer-reviewed and quality assured according to internationally accepted standards. The full reviews and all of its appendixes are only available online. They are usually registered with the Campbell Collaboration who provide training and support to review authors.


Systematic Review Briefs

3ie Systematic Review Briefs examine findings from systematic review findings to present it in a short and succinct form on overarching policy questions.


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