3ie Systematic Review 32

Community monitoring interventions to curb corruption and increase access and quality of service delivery in low- and middle-income countries

3ie Systematic review 32, 2017

This systematic review by Molina et al. assesses the evidence on effects of community monitoring interventions (CMIs) on corruption and access and quality of service delivery outcomes. This review assesses 15 studies which had an experimental or quasi-experimental design. These studies were conducted in Africa, Asia and Latin America across sectors including education, health, infrastructure and employment promotion.  The main result of this review, is that CMIs can reduce corruption and improve use of health services, however, these improvements vary across outcomes. While there is heterogeneity in the findings with respect to health and education, the findings are based on a small number of studies. Therefore, it is difficult to provide any strong, overall conclusions about intervention effectiveness. The review also outlines areas for further studies.

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