Systematic review repository

The systematic review repository  is an essential resource for policymakers and researchers who are looking for synthesized evidence on the effects of social and economic interventions in low- and middle- income countries.

Latest systematic reviews
Khasar Sandag, World Bank

The repository contains over 600 systematic reviews or review protocols on the effects of a range of social and economic interventions in low- and middle- income countries. Records include citation details and links to full-text reports. Many of them include a user-friendly summary of findings and a critical appraisal of review methods.

How do studies qualify to be in the SRR?

We populate the repository annually by systematically searching databases and websites. The 3ie systematic review database search strategy and procedures document (889.6 KB) describes the search and screening procedures in more detail. 3ie adds new records to the database as they are identified, and adds critical appraisal and summaries when completed. We only provide summaries of systematic reviews we assess as having high confidence. We completed the last annual update in January 2017.

 3ie uses a check list for the quality appraisal of systematic reviews in this database. Download 3ie's quality appraisal checklist (111.8 KB) for more information.

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Interested in impact evaluations? We suggest visiting our impact evaluation repository, which has more than 4,600 records.

Download 3ie's quality appraisal checklist for more information.

Latest systematic reviews

Face washing promotion for preventing active trachoma (Review)

Systematic review 2015

Author: Henry Ejere, Mahmoud Alhassan, , Mansur Rabiu

Incentives for climate mitigation in the land use sector: a systematic review of the effects of payment for environmental services (PES) on environmental and socio-economic outcomes in low- and middle-income countries

Systematic review 3ie 2017

Author: Birte Snilstveit, Jennifer Stevenson, Laurenz Langer, Joshua Polanin, Ian Shemilt, John Eyers, Paul J. Ferraro

Why targeting matters: a systematic review of farmer field schools targeting

Systematic review 3ie 2015

Author: Daniel Phillips, Hugh Waddington, Howard White
Sector: Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Reform, Rural Livelihoods

Contextual factors and motivations affecting rural community sanitation in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review

Systematic review 2017

Author: Josef Novotn', Ji?' Hasman, , Martin Lepi?
Sector: Rural Water and Sanitation, Water Supply and Sanitation Reform

Challenging Gender Inequity Through Male Involvement In Maternal And Newborn Health: Critical Assessment Of An Emerging Evidence Base

Systematic review 2015

Author: L. Comrie-Thomson, M. Tokhi, F. Ampt, A. Portela, M.Chersich, R. Khanna, S. Luchters
Sector: Child Nutrition, Health Sector Reform, Nutrition

Mobile Health Applications For Hiv Prevention And Care In Africa

Systematic review 2015

Author: J. I Forrest, M. Wiens, M. Kanters, S. Nsanzimana, R. T Lester, E. J Mills,
Sector: Health Services, HIV and AIDS, Preventive Health and Health Behavior