Department of Education, Philippines

The Department of Education (DepEd) is committed to evidence-informed policy and decision-making through evaluating kindergarten through 12 years of basic education programmes. DepEd’s evaluation activities are in line with the national government’s directive that all implementing agencies formulate and maintain a six-year national evaluation agenda. In pursuit of this commitment, DepEd has engaged and partnered with local and international research institutions to evaluate its programmes. This approach ensures that the results are not biased toward the department. Aside from engaging external research groups, DepEd also conducts its own internal assessment of programmes and projects to produce a more timely result that will aid in programme planning. In doing these internal reviews, external stakeholders are also involved to make results comprehensive.

Member Since: 2013 Country: Philippines Website

Overview of engagement

DepEd’s efforts to improve programme improvement and institutionalisation policy and decsions are the main reasons why they partnered with 3ie. 3ie’s work on programme evaluation is fully in line with their strategy. In 2012, DepEd tapped into 3ie’s policy window grant-making for the impact evaluation of three programmes on Alternative Delivery Mode (ADM) of instruction. DepEd introduced ADM r to address the learning needs of marginalised students and those learners at risk of dropping out in order to help them overcome social and economic constraints on their schooling. In 2013, DepEd began the process of becoming a 3ie member. DepEd evaluation staff has also received 3ie trainings on impact evaluation.

Examples of 3ie engagement

3ie governance:

DepEd participated in the 3ie members’ conference 2014.

Policy window: 

DepEd became a recipient of a grant under 3ie Policy Window for a possible evaluation of three programmes under the ADM. The Philippines Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) received a 3ie impact evaluation preparation grant to develop a study design for ADM. The impact evaluation was not conducted due to various reasons.

Bursary programme:

DepEd staff attended the 2013 and 2016 CLEAR-SHIPDET training in Shanghai, China and the National Evaluation Capacities and IDEAS conference in Bangkok in 2015.