Ministry of Planning for Economic and Social Development, Paraguay

The Government of Paraguay has initiated the implementation of a National Development Plan (NDP), a first since Paraguay’s return to democracy in 1989. The 2014-2030NDP calls for stronger monitoring schemes across government agencies and the rigorous evaluation of policies oriented to achieve national objectives. The NDP has inspired enormous effort by government agencies to produce data that can be used for policy evaluation.

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Overview of 3ie engagement

Due to limited impact evaluation experience within government agencies and local research organizations, the Ministry is pleased to join 3ie’s growing community of practice, and particularly to engage with and learn from members involved with national evaluation agencies. For similar reasons, the Ministry is highly interested in 3ie’s Policy Window Advanced, through which it can access and collaborate with international experts able to provide guidance on impact evaluations. The Ministry and 3ie are also exploring the types of professional services that may be most useful for its technical staff and for Paraguayan policymakers in different government agencies.

Examples of engagement

3ie services: In November 2015, 3ie Senior Evaluation Specialist Mario Picon presented 3ie’s mission and work to STP’s Public Policy Analysis team and representatives from the technical teams of the Directorates for Management for Results, Area-based Development, and Poverty Reduction.

We used 3ie’s advanced policy window to bring in international impact evaluation experts to build the capacity of some Colombian firms to do the evaluation. This helped us identify challenges posed by different evaluation methods; have more rigorous evaluation designs; and get expert feedback on designs and methods. We also used more innovative methods and increased the visibility of Colombian evaluations in the international academic community.

Felipe Castro Pachón
National Planning Department, Government of Colombia