United States Agency for International Development

USAID is deeply committed to evaluation as a means to learn from its vast experience across the development sector, to improve its policies, and to guide its future investments. Evaluation also helps USAID fulfil its accountability mandate as a public agency. In 2011, USAID released an Evaluation Policy that details evaluation requirements and standards for methodology, independence, and transparency. All of USAID’s evaluations are searchable online by topic and country. Following this policy, USAID released a comprehensive technical note on impact evaluations in 2013, which outlines when impact evaluations should be commissioned and considerations for planning and design. USAID has also commissioned studies of quality and utilization of evaluations, which are available on its evaluation web site.

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Overview of 3ie engagement

USAID has been an active member of 3ie since 2010 and has sponsored programmes, received 3ie services, and participated in 3ie governance. USAID is one of the funding partners for the Humanitarian Assistance Thematic Window. USAID also commissioned the productive safety nets evidence gap map, which was the first-ever evidence gap map that includes both impact evaluations and systematic reviews, and is launching another evidence gap map on fragility in the coming weeks. The agency was closely involved in building the framework for this evidence gap map and promotes the tool for use by its missions worldwide.

Examples of engagement

  • 3ie governance: USAID Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator Patricia Rader is currently serving on the 3ie Board of Commissioners as the public donor constituency representative.
  • 3ie services: 3ie staff presented 3ie’s scoping paper on “The Current State of Peacebuilding Programming and Evidence” to USAID staff from various units.
  • Programme sponsorship: USAID provided funding for systematic reviews on youth gang violence and on the effectiveness of parental, familial, and community support for student learning outcomes in developing countries through 3ie’s fifth systematic reviews grant window.
  • 3ie services: 3ie staff members served on USAID’s impact evaluation selection panels for both the Feed the Future and Development Innovation Ventures programmes.
  • Programme sponsorship: USAID provided funding for 3ie’s Productive Safety Nets Evidence Gap Map which includes 20 systematic reviews and 248 impact evaluations of relevant interventions.
  • 3ie services: 3ie staff have delivered workshops for USAID staff on commissioning systematic reviews, impact evaluation registration, and other topics.
  • Programme sponsorship: USAID supported initial scoping work and methods research for 3ie’s Humanitarian Assistance Thematic Window (HATW). The findings were published in the first paper in 3ie’s Scoping Paper Series, “What evidence is available and what is required in humanitarian assistance?” USAID also funded a large international meeting on impact evaluations of programmes in humanitarian assistance.