Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning

The Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning (CEDIL) is an academic consortium initiative supported by UK aid through DFID. The centre’s objective is to commission and implement impact evaluations, promote the uptake and use of evidence from impact evaluations, and develop and demonstrate new and innovative methodologies for impact evaluation and evidence accumulation.

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Our executive director, Emmanuel Jimenez is part of CEDIL’s intellectual leadership team, along with other senior experts from Campbell Collaboration, EPPI-Centre, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and University College of London.

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CEDIL publications

A map of evidence maps relating to sustainable development in low-and middle-income countries

This report presents the findings of a map of evidence maps designed to catalogue maps relating to development interventions in low-and middle-income countries. The authors used a modified version of the 3ie’s evidence gap map methodology to identify, categorise and display evidence maps within a framework of intervention sectors adapted from the World Bank categorisation and outcomes classified according to the Sustainable Development Goals. This report has been produced by CEDIL, supported by UK aid through DFID, with contributions from 3ie.

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New: CEDIL – Centre for Evaluation Lecture Series

CEDIL and the Centre for Evaluation, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) have started a new monthly lecture series that will address methods and innovation in primary studies.. The series will feature CEDIL’s intellectual leadership team members, amongst others.

Register now for CEDIL supplier engagement webinars and event in March 2019

CEDIL invites prospective applicants and other interested stakeholders to attend a series of online and in-person events to understand the organisation’s research agenda and get details about the upcoming calls for proposals. Participants will have the opportunity to understand CEDIL’s objectives, commissioning process, raise questions and attend networking sessions. Visit the supplier’s engagement events page for details on events in your location and how to register to attend.

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