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3ie ~ International Initiative for Impact Evaluation

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As part of our mandate as a knowledge producer, translator and intermediary, we publish 3ie-supported impact evaluations, systematic reviews, scoping papers, replication studies, briefs, evidence gap map reports as well as commissioned working papers.

All our publications are open access and available online.

3ie is keen to ensure that the research it supports is used by a wide audience, particularly policymakers, programme managers, researchers, development practitioners, and teachers. Non-commercial dissemination of 3ie publications is fully authorised with just the requirement that 3ie is credited as the source. If you are using 3ie publications as teaching material or as course material for workshops, we would be grateful if you could drop an email to 3ie@3ieimpact.orgYour input will help us track the progress we are making in reaching out to our key audiences.

3ie Scoping Paper Series

These papers explore the current type and availability of evidence in a particular development sector to identify priority policy questions.


Photo © IFAD and World Bank